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Accident Benefits and Insurance Companies

Can an accident law firm in Toronto help you claim Accident Benefits in Ontario? Do you have questions about qualifying for Accident Benefits as a result of an accident? An accident law firm can be extremely helpful in understanding any questions you have about Accident Benefits in Ontario and how you can successfully pursue a claim.
Accident Benefits are put in place in the province of Ontario to help anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Most people know about Accident Benefits as no-fault insurance due to the fact that you are still eligible to receive the benefits regardless of who caused the accident. Unlike a Tort claim where you pursue a claim against another driver and their insurance company, Accident Benefits are provided through your own insurance company.

The Types of Accident Benefits Available

Accident Benefits can be used to provide assistance for your own injuries or injuries to a passenger in the vehicle (including fatal injuries as well).
If you meet the criteria for Accident Benefits, you can claim one of the following based on your employment situation at the time of the accident:
  • Income Replacement Benefits – payable if you were working or self-employed
  • Non-Earner Benefits – payable if you were unemployed or a student
In addition to these benefits, there are other non-income related benefits that you may be eligible for as well. These benefits include:
  • Medical and rehabilitation treatment expenses
  • Expenses incurred as a result of a death (including funeral expenses)
  • Various travel and other expenses

Talking to Your Insurance Company

You should notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible after it occurs. There is no need to consult with an accident law firm in Toronto before reporting the accident. A significant delay in the reporting of the accident may affect your claim.
You should consult with a personal injury lawyer prior to notifying your insurance company that you plan to submit an Accident Benefits claim. In most cases, the insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to discuss the accident and the injuries that have resulted from it.
It is wrong to assume that since you are dealing with your own insurance company, they will be more than willing to approve your claim. What you say to the insurance adjuster will be used for deciding your claim and it can be used as a reason for denying the claim. For this reason, it is extremely advisable that you speak to a personal injury lawyer prior to scheduling a meeting with the insurance adjuster.  A lawyer will let you know what rights you have and prepare you for the meeting with the adjuster. You do not have to meet with the adjuster until you feel medically well enough to do so.
Respected accident law firms in Toronto such as Sokoloff Personal Injury Lawyers have an exceptional amount of experience in successfully dealing with insurance companies and securing Accident Benefits for clients. They are members of prestigious law organizations such as the Canadian Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Toronto Lawyers Association.
Make sure that you receive the Accident Benefits you are entitled to with the help of a reputable accident law firm in Toronto today.

Receive The Maximum Amount of Accident Benefits You Deserve

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Every day, there are dozens of people injured in all types of different accidents in Toronto. Accidents are much more common than you may hear about on the news. From motor vehicle accidents to a slip and fall in the workplace, personal injuries can and do happen everywhere. When they do occur, they almost always have a negative impact on one’s life, mostly medically and financially. Rising medical expenses, lack of insurance or benefits, or inability to work can make one feel like they are without options. Because of this, accident benefits are available and entitled to those who are injured in a workplace or motor vehicle accident and need assistance with their medical expenses or to recuperate loss of income and other benefits. From knowing what benefits you are entitled to and what accident benefits you can claim to talking with insurance providers, dealing with an injury can be daunting, but, with the help of an accident law firm, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of an accident law firm in Toronto, you can ensure that you receive the maximum amount of accident benefits you deserve in order to help get you back on your feet.

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