How Back Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Claim

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Back injury lawyers, also known as personal injury lawyers, can help you recover your lost wages and out-of-pocket medical and rehabilitation costs.

How Back Injury Lawyers Can Help

Back injuries are common, especially among working-age adults. According to a study by Statistics Canada, in 2009/2010, 16% of the activity-limiting injuries among working-age adults were lower-back injuries. Five percent of injured adolescents and 11% of injured seniors suffered a lower back injury. When you consider that the Canadian Bar Association figures predict that three out of every ten workers (ages 25–65) will have an accident or extended illness that prevents them from working for three months or more, a back injury can be a serious and painful ailment.
If you’ve suffered a back injury during an accident, the pain may be the least of your worries. The loss of wages can cause stress, especially if another family member is taking time off work to help you.
This is where back injury lawyers can help. An experienced personal injury lawyer takes care of the accident-related details, like collecting information, filling out forms, dealing with insurance companies, and filing paperwork before crucial deadlines. For example, if you slip and fall in some municipalities, you have only ten days to file your claim. In some cases, you may still be in the hospital at that point and are unable to collect the photos you need to support your case.

Immediately After an Accident

Whether you’ve been in a car accident, had a slip-and-fall accident, or been hurt at work, you should visit your doctor or a hospital emergency room immediately. If your back hurts too much when you try and move, call for help. Sometimes, trying to move after a spinal injury can make the injury worse or cause enough pain to make you faint. If you’re busy or feeling a little embarrassed, you may be tempted to ignore a small, nagging pain or ache—don’t. That small injury could continue to bother you in the future. Soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, can even appear the day after an accident. It’s important to have a doctor look at any injuries no matter how slight they seem.
When looking for a lawyer, check to see how much experience they have with back injuries. For example, Sokoloff law firm deals with back injuries that are the result of accidents, slips and falls, and catastrophic injuries. A larger law firm like Sokoloff may also be right for you since the office offers services in over 30 languages. After an injury, you may find it easier to relay the details in your native tongue.
Never speak to the at-fault person’s insurance adjuster before consulting with your own lawyer. Everything you say to the adjuster goes right into your file and can affect your claim later on. You have no obligation to speak to the insurance adjuster, especially since the adjuster has years of dealing with back injury claims while this may be your first time talking to an insurance adjuster. Your back injury attorney has experience dealing with insurance adjusters and can relay the answers for you.
Experienced back injury lawyers know how to take some of the burden off you and your family, so you can concentrate on healing.
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