Brain-Damage Injury Lawyers Can Help Relieve Stress After an Accident

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After a serious accident, you need a brain-damage injury lawyer on your side to help you deal with gathering information, talking to insurance companies and your work, and filling out the right forms.

How a Brain Injury Can Have a Long-Term Financial Impact

The brain is a complex organ and is one of the slowest parts of the human body to heal. There were 56,000 Canadians with brain injuries in 2011, and, according to the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, 9,000 of those people needed long-term rehabilitation and another 6,000 had to live with permanent disabilities caused by the damage to their brains.
An experienced brain-damage injury lawyer is aware of the financial stress that can accompany a long-term recovery. Not only does the injured person lose income, but any family member helping to care for the victim may also lose income.
Unfortunately, that loss of income comes at a time when the injured person will be incurring extra costs. There may be ongoing medical costs that aren’t covered by OHIP or the victim’s work insurance plan, such as medication, medical devices, or specialized treatment. In some cases, people need temporary or ongoing help with childcare, housekeeping, or home maintenance costs if they have limited mobility due to their brain injury.
A permanent physical disability may require extensive home renovation to accommodate mobility. You may need a chair lift, an elevator, or ramps built. Your vehicle may need to be modified for easier driving or entry and exit.
It’s possible that your brain injury may prevent you from going back to work in your field. This means you’ll need retraining and help finding a job with comparable income. You may find it impossible to work after a brain injury, meaning that your lawyer will have to help you find the right combination of benefits and financial aid to stay independent.
If the injured person is single or a child, the brain-damage injury lawyer may look at the possible loss of serious interdependent relationships for that person. This means if it’s unlikely that the victim will go on to have a child to help out later in life, that person may need extra financial help for his or her senior years. A seriously brain-damaged child will likely lose out on the chance to marry and share income and living expenses later, which may factor into any claim made on that child’s behalf.

Finding Experienced Brain-Damage Injury Lawyers

If your family is dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury, it’s likely that you don’t have the time or wherewithal to deal with the legal issues. Contacting a lawyer can help remove some of the pressure at this stressful time.
An experienced brain-damage injury lawyer can gather information about the accident, talk to insurance companies and insurance adjusters on your behalf, deal with your work, and fill out and file the correct legal documents before crucial deadlines. After all, some municipalities give as little as ten days after an accident to file a claim.
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