How a Brain Injury Lawyer in Ajax Can Help Your Family

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How a Brain Injury Lawyer in Ajax Can Help Your Family
If you’ve suffered a brain injury from an accident in Ajax, a brain injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Let an Ajax brain injury lawyer worry about gathering information, dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters, filling out the paperwork and filing it, dealing with your employer, and other aspects of your claim so you can concentrate on healing.

Brain Injuries

According to the statistics released by the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI), in 2011, 56,000 Canadians suffered a brain injury. Twenty percent of those brain injuries were fatal. An additional 9,000 people needed long-term rehabilitation after their injuries, while 6,000 people suffered a permanent disability due to their injuries.
Brain injuries have a wide range of symptoms. It’s important to head to the nearest hospital emergency room if you’ve suffered a head injury and you’re experiencing problems with your vision (blurry, floating spots, seeing double), nausea, dizziness, weakness, insomnia, fatigue, having trouble concentrating or retaining new information, unable to learn new tasks, noticeable personality changes, or having mood swings and emotional outbursts. All could be signs of serious brain injury. If you or a loved one notices any other out-of-character symptoms or behaviour, you should also consider visiting a doctor since there are many more symptoms of brain injury.
Brain injuries fall into four categories. ARBI lists the categories as cognitive (problems with thinking, reasoning, or your memory); sensory disabilities (problems with one or more of your senses); communication disabilities (problems with expressing yourself or understanding others); and uncharacteristic behavioural or mental health issues (change in personality, depression, an inability to concentrate, or socially inappropriate behaviour or emotional outbursts).
Dealing with the stress of a brain injury is exhausting for both the victim and their family and friends. Drastic personality changes or mood swings can cause deep emotional pain for those around the injured person. There is also the stress of worrying about lost income for the injured person and anyone caring for him and the cost of medication and other medical expenses not covered by OHIP.

How a Brain Injury Lawyer in Ajax Can Help Your Family

It’s important that you and your family can concentrate on your recovery. An experienced Ajax brain injury lawyer has the experience of dealing with similar injuries in the past. Your lawyer can help guide you through this serious injury while considering your future needs.
As you recover, you may need long-term rehabilitation, along with money for intensive treatments or medication. Your long-term needs may also include childcare help, housekeeping help and home care. For those dealing with a physical disability, there is a chance that a permanent disability may require home renovations, like elevators or ramps, along with modifications to the family vehicle.
A brain injury lawyer in Ajax can help guide you on the path to recovery and alleviate your stress by taking care of the legal legwork and paperwork while you concentrate on rehabilitation and healing.
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