Brain Injury Lawyer in Hamilton

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Brain Injury Lawyer in Hamilton
If you or a loved one has experienced a serious head injury due to an accident, you need a proven brain injury lawyer in Hamilton to fight on your side as you recover.

Long-Term Financial Impact of a Brain Injury

With luck, your injury will be temporary and you’ll make a full recovery after some rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many people aren’t that lucky. According to figures released by the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, in 2011, 9,000 Canadians needed long-term rehabilitation after suffering a brain injury, while another 6,000 people had a permanent disability because of their injuries.
The impact a brain injury can have on you and your family may be felt for years. You may also experience financial hardship because of the lost wages and other financial stresses. A serious physical disability may require extensive home renovation so you can move easily around the house. It may involve installing ramps or an elevator. You may need modifications to the family vehicle so you can drive again.
You may also face long-term rehabilitation costs or need long-term home care because of your injury. It may not be possible to go back to work in your field or at all, leading to the need for retraining or replacement income. Other ongoing costs that may not be covered by OHIP or your employer’s health plan include medication or medical devices. You may also need childcare, housekeeping, and home maintenance help if your mobility is limited.
A serious brain injury may also not allow you to establish interdependent relationships, such as marriage. A brain injury lawyer in Hamilton can look at your future and help you determine what you’ll need. A loss of shared income and shared living expenses that would have come with a marriage or the inability to have a child who could help contribute to your care in your later years may factor into your claim.

Contacting an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer Working in Hamilton

If you haven’t contacted a lawyer following a brain injury, do so immediately. If the injured person is incapacitated, the family member who is in charge of the victim’s care should contact a lawyer on that person’s behalf. A personal injury lawyer can gather information to support the claim, take care of filling out and filing paperwork, and talk to insurance companies. You’re under no obligation to talk to the insurance company of the at-fault person and may want to have your lawyer deal with insurance adjusters since they have years of experience in dealing with such questions.
After an accident where you’ve sustained a brain injury, you may feel more comfortable relaying information in your home language. That’s perfectly normal. Look for an experienced brain injury lawyer in Hamilton or the surrounding region that offers a variety of languages. For example, Sokoloff law firm speaks over 30 languages between its two offices. One is located in Toronto and the other is in Brampton, just off Highways 407, 410, and 427. Languages spoken by Sokoloff Lawyers include Albanian, Punjabi, Mandarin, Russian, Farsi, and many more.
A brain injury lawyer in the Hamilton area can make dealing with the legal details easier in this stressful time.
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