Mississauga Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help

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Mississauga Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help
If you’ve been hurt and sustained a head injury, you’ll need an experienced brain injury lawyer in Mississauga or another part of the GTA. An experienced lawyer can take care of the legal aspects of your claim, like interviewing witnesses, gathering information, filling out paperwork and filing it on time, dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjustors, dealing with your employer, and other aspects of your legal claim so you can concentrate on getting better.

Brain Injuries

Unlike some other types of injuries, a brain injury can be slow to heal. This is because the brain is such a complex organ. In 2011, 56,000 Canadians suffered a brain injury. According to the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI), 20% of those injuries were fatal. Another 9,000 people needed serious long-term rehabilitation while 6,000 people had to deal with a permanent disability due to their brain injuries.
If you start to experience any of the symptoms of a brain injury, go to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately. Some of the common symptoms of a brain injury are trouble with your vision, like blurriness, seeing double, or seeing floating spots, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, insomnia, physical weakness, exhaustion, inability to concentrate and trouble retaining new information or performing new tasks, personality changes, moods swings, and emotional outbursts.
A brain injury can cause temporary or permanent disabilities. These disabilities may fall into one of the four ARBI brain disability categories: cognitive (thinking, reasoning, or memory-related disabilities); sensory disabilities (problems with one or more of the five senses); communication disabilities (problems with expressing or understanding); and behavioural or mental health issues (personality changes, depression, irritability, inability to concentrate for long periods, or socially inappropriate behaviour or emotional outbursts). There are other symptoms so it’s important to visit a doctor if you’re experiencing physical symptoms or if someone close to you notices that you’re acting oddly since your head injury.
Brain injuries are especially hard to deal with for family and friends. Symptoms like drastic personality changes or wild mood swings can take their toll on family members who are trying to deal with the problems alone.

How a Brain Injury Lawyer in Mississauga Can Help

If you have a brain injury, you need the best treatment Mississauga can offer. You also need time to concentrate on healing. An experienced Mississauga brain injury lawyer is familiar with the stress and expense of dealing with a serious injury. Loss of income for you and any family members helping to care for you, along with immediate out-of-pocket medical expenses will be on your mind. It’s your personal injury attorney’s job to take care of the details and to anticipate your future needs.
As you recover from your brain injury, you may need childcare help, housekeeping help, home care, long-term rehabilitation or money for additional treatment or ongoing medicine. If you have a physical disability, you may need home renovations, like a ramp or elevator, to make it easier to get around.
A Mississauga brain injury lawyer can help you deal with the fallout of a brain injury so you can concentrate on rehabilitation and healing.
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