Are you the Victim of a Car Accident Brain Injury?

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A Car Accident Brain Injury Can Lead To More than Just Financial Burden


Learning, playing, exercising, moving; all of these activities and so much more are directly attributed to the functioning of the brain, which is why this organ is so vitally important for your quality of life. Limited brain functions can impact everything from cognitive abilities to motor skills, and according to the Ontario Brain Injury Association, can impair, or even alter, your entire personality. A car accident brain injury can result in a loss of liberty or a diminished quality of life depending on its severity and may prevent you from being able to return to work for extended periods of time. Professional legal representation is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring that you receive the compensation you need to help you pay the household expenses and begin the journey to recovery.  


Legal Matters Concerning a Car Accident Brain Injury


According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the province of Ontario subscribes to a "no-fault” insurance policy for all vehicular accidents and injuries. The title however may seem a little confusing at first. No-fault does not in fact mean that no one was the cause of the accident or that no one bears the responsibility – it means that instead of pursuing the other party’s insurance company and waiting for an extended period of time for them to determine a settlement, you would deal specifically with your own policy in order to receive compensation. While that statement might make it seem that no one gets blamed for an accident, there is almost always some fault that lies with one of the drivers. If you happened to be the cause of an accident, you are still eligible to receive immediate benefits; the price to pay for this mistake, however, will be on you in the form of increased premiums.


Living with Brain Injuries


The brain is responsible for every function, thought, impulse and feeling we have in our body. When suffering from a car accident brain injury it is possible to experience symptoms as mild as a slight headache or a gentle ringing in the ears, to more severe circumstances such as loss of the ability to speak, eat or walk properly. While there may be nothing wrong with the physical body, a bump on the head can get your "wires crossed” so to speak. It may take a great deal of time to recover from such injuries, and even then, often only with the help of a mental and physical therapist. Rehabilitation clinic costs can be prohibitive which is where the need for a high level of compensation comes into play. Like with many things we take for granted, we drastically undervalue the cost of healthcare. After factoring in all the necessary expenses, a typical recovery that will get you back to your old normal self, or as close to it as possible, can cost up to $50,000.


Making sure to inform yourself of the car accident brain injury benefits you are entitled to, and employing a reputable lawyer to maximize compensation agreements between insurance adjusters will ensure that while the injury may never fully go away, the financial burdens placed on you and your family can be taken care of, allowing you to focus on the road to recovery. 

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