Consult a Car Accident Lawyer in Brampton to Receive Maximum Financial Benefits

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Consult a Car Accident Lawyer in Brampton to Receive Maximum Financial Benefits

Car Accident Lawyers in Brampton Who Can Help You Win Your Case

It is an almost inevitable fact that you will get into some type of car accident during your driving years. According to a report from Transport Canada, there were more than 10,000 accidents in this country in 2011, with over 2,000 fatalities attributed to motor vehicle collisions. With such a high probability of you being involved in this unfortunate situation, it is important to understand what types of benefits and services are offered by legal firms and insurance companies in order to ensure a safe and expedient recovery. Contacting a reputable car accident lawyer in Brampton is the first step to receiving the benefits you deserve.

Not All Benefits Are Created Equal

The province of Ontario follows a "no-fault” philosophy, which means that when an accident occurs, for insurance purposes, it is deemed that neither party was "at fault per say”. This doesn’t mean that the other driver may not be physically responsible for the accident, but rather, that your own insurance company will cover the costs for your medical bills and vehicle repair. The police, however, will ascribe fault to at least one of the parties in almost every case, and insurance premiums paid by the offending party may rise significantly depending on the nature of the accident. Insurance is not blanket coverage under one policy, but rather multiple policies, each of which may or may not be applicable to your current situation. By examining the type or injuries you have sustained and their severity, a car accident lawyer in Brampton will be able to file the proper documents, allowing you to claim the maximum benefits for your specific injury. There are a number of claims that can be applied for, including:
Non-Earner – Some accidents are so physically traumatic to the body that you may not be able to recover to a degree that allows you to return to work. In such a case, with medical documentation, a non-earner benefit can be awarded that will provide the recipient with funding to replace the loss of a paycheck.
Rehabilitation– We are very lucky in Canada to have universal healthcare that is not paid out of pocket, but once you leave the hospital or doctor’s office, additional requirements may not be covered, such as rehabilitation programs to help you regain any physical movements that were impaired or lost due to injuries.
Additional Care – For those living by themselves or who have already had a pre-existing disability prior to the accident, additional help in the home may be required while you recover, especially if the injuries have left you bed-ridden. Benefits may be provided in order to facilitate the hiring of a caregiver during the time in which the injured party is incapacitated.  
These are but a few of the benefits that can be applied for, all of which are intimately understood by professional legal counsels with a proven track record. Having someone on your side who will fight for the compensation you deserve and who will not be confused by legal jargon and loopholes is of paramount importance when it comes to gaining the funding you require to begin rebuilding yourself after falling victim to vehicular mishaps. Speak with a car accident lawyer in Brampton today and ensure that you and your family are properly provided for and taken care of during this trying time. 
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