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Car Accident Lawyers in Toronto Will Take on Your Personal Injury Case


In a car accident? Get a lawyer!

There are countless ways to suffer personal injury, but as car accident lawyers in Toronto will tell you, nothing comes close to what is happening on our congested roads. Virtually all of us have been in some sort of vehicle collision, and many of us have also suffered injuries as a result. The question we have had to face in the aftermath of an accident is quite simple: where do we go from here?
Hiring a lawyer is certainly not the first thing we think of immediately after an accident – nor should it be. Getting immediate medical help has to be your primary concern; worrying about compensation and accident benefits can come later. But not too much later. There are various statutes of limitations that must be met when filing a claim under the Ontario Insurance Act or suing another party for negligence. If your injuries are severe enough that you are taken out of the workforce, there is also going to be a certain degree of urgency to reach some kind of financial settlement. A lawyer will expedite the process.

Accident Benefits in Ontario and Limitation Periods

So, what kind of benefits can you get? Ontario is a "no-fault” insurance jurisdiction and certain basic, universal benefits are covered under the Ontario Insurance Act. They include:
  • Income replacement of up to $400 per week
  • Non-earner benefit if you are totally prevented from carrying on normal activities.
  • The assistance of attendant care – up to $3000 per month
  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits following the accident
  • Coverage for damage to clothing and lost educational expenses, should you be forced to miss schooling
  • Benefits for funerals, and a death benefit
  • Enhanced coverage if the injuries sustained fall within the definition of "catastrophic impairment”.
So, given that there are these standard benefits, is it really necessary to hire a lawyer? The answer is an emphatic yes, if not for the various limitation periods for action, starting with the need to notify your insurance company of a pending claim within seven days of the accident.
Also, you could mount a lawsuit against the other party in the accident if there is an issue of negligence. Tort law has its own set of limitation periods, and your lawyer must commence the lawsuit within 120 days of the discovery of your injury.

The Value of a Lawyer in Getting Your Benefits

Even if you are only seeking assistance under the Ontario Insurance Act, you need to know all of the benefits to which you are entitled. Not all these are immediately apparent, and your insurance company will not necessarily be forthcoming; a lawyer with experience in car accident claims will know your entitlements. In the case of an additional tort claim, a lawyer will help you accumulate the necessary documentation and push your action through to completion.
There is no shortage of car accident lawyers in Toronto. Find one who is experienced in personal injury claims. Find a lawyer who will take your case on a contingency fee basis; that is, one who will pursue your claim in exchange for a percentage of that claim, agreed upon in advance. Pursuing a personal injury claim is not a do-it-yourself project. The stakes are simply too high.

Car Accident Lawyers in Toronto Get you the Compensation You Deserve

Sokoloff Lawyers is a boutique law firm experienced in serious personal injuries and accident benefits arising from a motor vehicle accident, long term disability claims and other injury cases. Sokoloff Lawyers can assist you when you are unable to cope with the aftermath of a car accident and need help protecting your rights as well as advice about what you are entitled to receive.

Sokoloff Lawyers can help you get the insurance benefits you need. You can file an accident benefits claim from your own car insurance company. If you do not have your own vehicle insurance policy, you can claim compensation from the car insurance company of the driver at fault. You have seven days from the date of the accident to inform the insurance company of your intention to file a claim. Benefits that you may be entitled to receive are income replacement benefits, non-earner benefits, caregiver benefits, attendant care benefits, expenses of visitors, medical and rehabilitation benefits not covered by OHIP, and housekeeping and home maintenance benefits.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you need car accident lawyers in Toronto who will go over and above the call of duty. If you cannot get to the office, Sokoloff Lawyers will get to you. The friendly and attentive staff offer over 30 different languages at the office with 24/7 telephone access to legal staff. Sokoloff Lawyers can provide you with access to the best medical referrals and treatment providers available. 

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