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What is the Law on Dog Bites in Ontario?

What is the Law on Dog Bites in Ontario? When Man’s Best Friend Attacks   In Ontario, the law for dog bites is governed by the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. When a dog bites, the owner or owners of the dog are liable for all damages that result.   Under this Act, the victim ...
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What to do after a Car Accident

After the Accident – Take Action   For most people, car accidents are rare events and what to do in the aftermath of one can be a difficult issue.   If the accident is in any way serious, the first obvious priority is to seek medical attention. The other pressing need is ...
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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A Specialist is Needed   Traumatic brain injury cases require a specialized lawyer. Your best bet is to find a large firm that specializes in personal injury and to retain a brain injury specialist.   The difficulty with brain injuries – which are often classified as "catastrophic” ...
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Sports Injury Advice from a Legal Expert

Participating in sports involves inherent risks of injury. But, if your injury is the result of negligence, deliberate or reckless conduct, unexpected violent conduct or unsafe facilities, you will want to seek sports injury advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer.   ...
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What Are No-Fault Benefits?

Who is Eligible for No-Fault Benefits?   Ontario’s no-fault benefits for car accident victims are comprehensive. To qualify, anyone who has basic car insurance is eligible for the standard benefits subscribed under the act. (It is mandatory for drivers to be insured). The definition ...