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Do you live in or near Whitby? Have you been injured in an accident that left you permanently disabled? If so, you may need to hire a disability claims lawyer in Whitby as soon as possible. Time can be an important factor for those seeking claims. Disabilities can greatly compromise your quality of life by making everything much more difficult for you and your family. If an accident, whether auto, workplace, or public left you injured and disabled, you may need a disability claims lawyer to help fight for your rights and to get you the accident benefits and compensation you deserve and may need to move forward with your life. So how do you know if you’re disabled and how do you move forward with a disability?

Do I Have a Disability?

According to Employment and Social Development Canada, you have a disability if you are currently living with a physical or mental impairment that limits your engagement in significant life activities. These activities include everything from working, getting an education, raising a family, driving, or simply taking care of yourself. The best way to know for sure if your injury is in fact a permanent disability is to visit your doctor and have them assess your situation. If your doctor deems that your injury is in fact a permanent disability, you will have to provide your insurance company with proof of the doctor’s diagnosis as well as accurate medical records showing that your permanent disability is directly correlated with your accident before filing a disability claim.

I Can’t Return to Work

Benefits exist for people in your situation. If your disability prevents you from returning to work due to mental pain and suffering or physical debilitations, there are benefits available to replace lost income, recover school expenses, and even pay child care providers if needed.

What If the Accident that Caused My Disability Was My Fault?

In this situation, you are still entitled to accident benefits and care; however you cannot pursue legal action against the party who was also involved in your accident. This scenario is most common in car accidents, but no matter the nature of your accident, if you are at fault, you cannot receive compensation from anyone else involved. A disability claims lawyer in Whitby or the surrounded area can walk you through the details of your claim and explain - what you are entitled to and what you cannot, or should not, ask for.

What If the Accident that Caused My Disability Occurred While I Was Working?

In this case, consulting both a disability claims lawyer in Whitby as well as a personal injury lawyer is the best plan of action. A personal injury lawyer is needed to determine if the claim should be followed through with your insurance company or through the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. From here, your disability claims lawyer will be able to help you with the filing process. Hiring a team of experienced lawyers will give you a much better chance of receiving benefits and proper compensation for your condition.
Sustaining a disability through an accident can greatly interrupt the flow of your life. While this is devastating, don’t let it ruin your entire life. Taking action now and hiring a capable disability claims lawyer in Whitby or the surrounding areas can help you get the compensation, benefits, and fairness you deserve.

What Disability Claims Can I Make and What Disability Benefits Can I Receive?

As you can see, you may be eligible to receive disability benefits for many different disabilities and injuries. It doesn’t matter if you were at-fault for your injury or if you do not have insurance or medical benefits. For disabilities sustained from motor vehicle accidents, public transportation accidents, slip and fall accidents at work or even bicycle accidents, there are disability benefits set in place by the Ontario Government that you may be entitled to receive in order to help with the financial burden of a disability or injury. A disability claims lawyer in Whitby can help you make your disability claims and receive the full amount of disability benefits that you deserve. The following are some of the common disability benefits one can claim:


  • Loss of Income
  • Loss of Employment Benefits
  • Pain and Suffering Benefits
  • Housekeeping benefits
  • Home Maintenance Benefits
  • Health Care Attendant Benefits
  • Medical and Health Care Expenses Benefits


Thanks to the Ontario Government and Government of Canada, everybody has the right to health care, and, if you sustained either short-term injuries or long-term disabilities from an accident, you are protected and entitled to receive disability benefits. Hiring a disability claims lawyer is a sure way to guarantee that you receive the full amount of disability benefits you need. 

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