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The Outcome of Car Accidents

Disability claims by victim’s lawyers in Toronto are frequent due to a one in three chance of Canadians experiencing a car accident.  Some may suffer from traumatic stress and some from physical injuries that restrict them from continuing the life they once had. Car accidents can result in various incapacities, such as catastrophic injuries, fatalities, brain and spinal cord injuries. There are very few ways to cure these long-term disabilities (LTD) and short-term disabilities (STD), all in which take time and proof before receiving benefits.  Often this will leave victims in a pit of worry. Questioning what they can do to obtain disability benefits and medical treatments in order to quickly return to work and their families.

Is Your Claim worth Benefits?

If you have been involved in an automobile collision that resulted to injuries, you are eligible to claim benefits. Victims must file a claim if they wish to receive accident benefits. When the victim’s insurance company is informed of the claim, the injured party will complete a package provided by the insurer for benefits.  While applying for reasonable aid, the victims must identify themselves with one of the three Ontario Specified Accident Benefits:
  • Income Replacement Benefit
  • Non-earner Benefit
  • Caregiver Benefit
It may take between seven to 26 weeks after the collision to apply for accident benefits. If the victim has taken days off work within the duration to apply, they will not be compensated whether they qualify for benefits or not.
Those who seek for reasonable aid are often advised to get a lawyer. A lawyer will provide the victim with knowledge on what they can possibly receive. Many complain that they receive little benefits from insurers when injured. According to the law of Ontario, insurers can grant victims up to $3,500 worth of medical and rehabilitation aid for minor injuries.  Roughly 20% of accident victims qualify for benefits and 90% of those qualified and denied will settle with the decision before considering trial. If the victim refuses to settle with the agreement, a lawyer can take the claim to trial, which can result to a benefit adjustment or approval.

Toronto Lawyers to the Rescue

The aftermath of a car collision can be painful and indeed stressful. Relying on a professional and educationally skilled lawyer can take pressure off the victim, and allow a greater chance of receiving treatments. There are over ten law firms experienced in personal injuries in the Greater Toronto Area. On average there are about 15 lawyers in a firm willing to fight for the victim’s right. When victims put their trust in experts, their claims are taken to trial and all legal inquiries are in the hands of a lawyer.  Toronto lawyers will handle the communication between the victim’s insurance companies, advise victims on their entitlement and represent them in court.  In other words, Toronto trial lawyers will take on all responsibilities allowing the victims to ease their mind and rest in their own comfort.
Disability claims can have beneficial outcomes if victims rely on lawyers in Toronto. Toronto’s disability claim lawyers can change the outcome of a victims benefit by representing them in trial. A victim suffering STD or LTD from an incident can fight for benefits or additional benefits after seeking help from the many personal injury lawyers in Toronto. By relying on a lawyer, accident victims can insure justice is served.

What Disability Benefits One Can Receive From a Disability Claim

By Mark

An accident can affect your life in so many ways. From loss of income and employment to medical expenses, an injury or disability can especially wreak havoc on your financial stability. A disability claim can be made for injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, public transportation accident, workplace accident, or even bicycle accident, and the disability benefits one can receive are like a safety net put in place to financially protect those injured.  Knowing what disability claims you can make and what disability benefits you may be entitled to can help you in your pursuit of recuperating your finances after an accident.  Here is a list of common disability claims and disability benefits one can make:


  • Loss of Income and lost employment benefits
  • Health Care expenses
  • Pain and Suffering benefits
  • Housekeeping and maintenance benefits
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Death and Funeral Benefits


A disability claims lawyer in Toronto can help you make your disability claims and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of disability benefits you rightfully deserve and are entitled to. Pursuing disability claims is not recommended to undertake without the help of a disability claims lawyer, as they can use their expertise and deep knowledge of personal injury law to ensure that you get the full benefits you need.

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