Accident Victims Receive Benefits from Disability Claims in Ontario

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The Chances of Receiving Accident Benefits in Ontario

Disability claims in Ontario are common due to a high chance of Canadian victims experiencing a car incident. Most car accidents lead to injuries, whether they are short-term disabilities (STD) or long-term disabilities (LTD). In Ontario, every accident victim has the right to claim for benefits. The most common claims are:
  • Brian and head injuries
  • Face wounds
  • Back pains
  • Neck pains
  • Psychological injuries
Many accident victims file a claim seven to 26 days after the incident with hopes of treating their STD or LTD. Most injuries are hard to prove and may take the victim away from their family, friends and work. Statistics show that only 20% of accident benefit applicants are approved. Therefore, four of every five applicants either recover rapidly or their claim is not justified properly.  In prior to applying for benefits, applicants are not compensated for their time taken away from work and family members.  This may lead victims with little to no money to further help themselves recover and support their families. Statistic also prove that 90% of applicants will settle for no benefits or what the insurer is willing to supply for the victims disabilities.

Know The Law in Ontario

When victims apply for accident benefits, most car insurance companies will state that the injuries are minor. Due to the high rate of applicants settling with the insurer’s agreement, victims will most likely receive up to $3,500 for medical treatments.  Many victims complain that the benefits cover very little, but if more applicants are aware of their rights, then they can possibly receive more than $3,500 worth of treatment. If victims agree with insurers that their injuries are minor, then they will not be qualified for $36,000 worth of attendant care and up to $50,000 of medical treatments. The settlement can extend the recovery time for injuries, which can affect a victim’s income if they choose to recover in the comfort of their home.

Disability Income Benefits in Ontario

If applicants are approved for accident benefits, the law of Ontario will provide income benefits to disabled victims of a car accident. A victim can obtain income benefits of $185 to $400 a week if they are employed in Ontario. The government will supply money to victims for 104 weeks and may continue to pay the victims if they cannot return to work or find a job that is fit for their conditions. Statistics show that the majority of car collision involves people between the ages of 15-34. Therefore, the majority of victims will fall under the Non-Earner Benefit. The Non-Earner Benefit only provides $185 a week to disabled victims. A Non-Earner victim is someone who is suffering STD or LTD from the accident that is unemployed, enrolled as a full time student or a recent graduate that is unemployed. The Ontario government will support the victim for as long as two years if they meet the requirements as a Non-Earner victim.
Disability claims in Ontario can be confusing for some due to an insurers terminology. Often victims are advised to seek professional assistance. A lawyer can ensure justice is served and increases the chances of victims receiving rightful benefits. 

Accident Victims Receive Benefits from Disability Claims in Ontario

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Disability Claims in Ontario for Employers


It is important for employers to be informed about disability claims because they will have a role to play if one of their employees applies for disability insurance.


Here are a few answered questions about disability claims in Ontario and what all employers should know:


Who decides if an employee is disabled or not?


The Co-operators Disability Case Manager is actually the person who will decide whether or not an employee is disabled or not. These are the points that they review when making their decision:


  • The associated duties and job description
  • Medical information from the health care providers and physicians
  • Information from the employee and employer
  • The definition of total disability found in the policy


To be eligible for disability benefits, how many hours are my employees required to work?


The answer to this question is highlighted in the policy and employee booklet, which is found under the heading Eligibility and Definition of a Covered Employee.


What can I do to support the disabled employee?


As an employer, you really play an important role in the recovery of the employee. You can keep in touch with your employee and show your support. Communication will keep them connected to the workplace and make it easier for them to return to work after they have recovered.


To be informed about disability claims in Ontario, it is best to contact a disability lawyer who can answer any of the questions you might have. Employers are heavily involved in the process if an employee does decide to apply for disability insurance. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the process so that you are prepared when a situation does occur and you are held responsible. 

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