Weighing Out the Pro’s and Con’s of Contacting a Toronto Based Disability Lawyer.

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The Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawyer

When a personal injury is sustained, there should be no hesitation in contacting a Toronto disability lawyer regardless of the severity of the damage. Waiting to contact a lawyer to review the incident only leads to a longer waiting period for justice to be completed.  Disability lawyers understand the sensitivity of the individualized nature of their cases, and are trained to understand the situation at hand and work hard to see that the case is settled. Most personal injury lawyers do not seek payment unless the injured party wins their case, and seeking a law company with this benefit is a good idea. Making an educated choice as to which law firm should represent your case is important, especially in large metropolitan areas like Toronto where multiple firms exist.
Contacting a disability lawyer is an important direct step towards any legal action. Relying on friends or family in any legal battle is a step too risky to take when personal health is at risk, especially when personal bias may cloud the judgement of these parties. Personal injury lawyers not only understand the needs of their clients, but understand the way injury companies and other defense parties are able to use, or misuse information from personal injury cases to seek a strong defense.

Legal Time Restrictions

There are many situations where waiting to contact a personal injury lawyer can effect or outright ruin the case. For example, according to the Ontario Municipal Act, "No action shall be brought for the recovery of damages [...] unless, within 10 days after the occurrence of the injury, written notice of the claim and of the injury complained of has been served upon or sent by registered mail”. The severity on time restriction with this law is extremely important, especially with the loopholes defence lawyers can find within it. If for any reason the written notice of injury was lost in the mail, the entire legal suit would be dismissed regardless of the accident.
The rules and regulations of time restrictions in regards to personal injury suits also differ depending on how the injury was sustained. The Ontario Insurance Act claims that "An action for loss or damage from bodily injury or death arising directly or indirectly from the use or operation of an automobile shall not be commenced unless [...] the plaintiff served written notice of the intention to commence the action on the defendant within 120 days after the incident”. Different types of injuries require different legal proceedings to guarantee the victim justice, a demand disability lawyers are well aware of.

The Bottom Line

Laws on personal injury claims and the time restrictions attached to them vary depending on location, situation, and many other variables. Regardless of the damages and severity of the injury sustained, the most important action to take in all claims is the immediate contacting of a personal injury lawyer. If the injury sustained is so great the injured person cannot contact a lawyer themselves, a secondary party should be granted the right to contact a lawyer on their behalf. Disability lawyers within Toronto excel at personal injury claims, and should be the first choice to defend your case.

Finding the Right Disability Lawyer in Toronto

By Mark

Finding the Right Disability Lawyer in Toronto


Personal injuries can be stressful and financially burdening situations, but if you make sure to contact a disability lawyer in Toronto as soon as possible, they can make the process far less complicated.


Questions to Ask a Disability Lawyer in Toronto


When going to a consultation with a disability lawyer, you want to be prepared and bring a list of questions to ask them. Here are a few questions to ask before you hire a disability lawyer:


  • Do you have disability law training?
  • How much is the fee?
  • Are you a licensed attorney?
  • Where is your office?
  • Do you arrange consultative examinations with doctors?
  • Do you handle cases in federal court?


These are a few examples of the questions you should ask your lawyer to see how specialized and knowledgeable they are. It’s important to find someone who will understand and best represent your case.

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