How an Ontario Dog Bite Attack Lawyer Can Help

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How an Ontario Dog Bite Attack Lawyer Can Help

How a Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Can Help

A dog bite accident lawyer can help you settle your claim, even if the owner acted in a responsible way. If the dog was running loose or the owner refused to provide his/her name, your dog bite lawyer can use investigative techniques to help find the owner.

What to Do Following a Dog Bite

Although the first and most obvious step should be finding medical help for your bite, there are a few other tasks that need to be taken care of at the scene of the bite. If you have someone with you, they should gather the information you need.
It’s important to get the name and phone number of the dog’s owner. The owner is the only one that can provide proof that the dog has had its rabies shots. If the dog is owned by a friend, family member or neighbour, the hardest part will be dealing with the pressure you may receive to leave the bite unreported. Although it’s up to you, remember that the dog may go on to bite a child or someone else in the future. It is therefore your responsibility to report the bite so that  there’s a record of the dog’s previous behaviour.
If the dog is running loose without an owner in sight or the owner refuses to give you personal information, it can be harder to gather the information you need. Ask bystanders if they know the owner. When you report the bite to the police, the local health department and the local by-law enforcement office, they may be able to help you track down the culprit and its owner. A good dog bite accident lawyer can also help you trace the dog’s owner using his/her experience and investigative techniques.
Also gather the contact information of any witnesses. You may need them to independently verify the circumstances surrounding the bite. Sometimes, an owner will deny that it was their dog who did the biting.
Also, take pictures of the wound. Start on the day you were bit and continue to take photos as it heals. This shows how painful the bite was, supports your claim if it interfered with work and may provide proof of any scarring that may have been caused.


You’ve been bitten by a dog and are probably wondering what happens next. According to Ontario’s Dog Owner’s Liability Act (DOLA), the owner of the dog has "strict liability” for any injuries or property damage that is caused by their dog. This means that the owner owes you damages, even if he/she was acting in a responsible manner. If the dog is owned by more than one person, all the owners are responsible. Even if you acted in a way to provoke the dog, you are still entitled to damages, although the amount may be reduced.
Another person who may be named in your claim is the property owner. For example, a landlord who knowingly allows dangerous dogs on a rental property may be held partially responsible if those dogs attack someone. This is where an experienced dog bite accident lawyer can help you determine who is really responsible for your bite.

What To Do After a Dog Bite and How Ontario Dog Bite Attack Lawyer

What To Do After a Dog Bite and How Ontario Dog Bite Attack Lawyer
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