15-Passenger Van Safety Tips and Hiring an Accident Claim Lawyer if an Accident Ensues

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Maybe 2016 is the year to take that road trip you’ve been longing to go on since you left school, or maybe you’ve started a band and are about to go on tour across the country. Now a minivan isn’t going to be big enough for your travels—so you’re thinking about renting a 15-passenger van for your adventure. Despite a 15-passegner van fitting your entire crew, there are many limitations you need to know before you drive such a large vehicle. It is imperative that you know the risks, operations, and how to handle the vehicle before you jump onboard. So it’s time to learn the basics, while preparing yourself for the long road ahead, avoiding motor vehicle accidents and accident claim lawyers in the process.


15-Passenger Van Safety


In specific conditions, 15-passenger vans have a higher rate of rollover in comparison to other vehicles on the road. This means that drivers need to pay close attention to the conditions of the roads, while keeping up the maintenance of their vehicle. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a list of recommended safety tips to follow if you are planning on driving this vehicle.


Checking the Tire Pressure


With such a large vehicle, it’s crucial that you check the tire pressure before every use. The tire pressure also has to be higher than the pressure that is required for smaller vehicles, so be sure to check the owner’s manual for the recommended tire sizes and pressure. You should avoid using old spare tires, because the tires may have weakened with age and could be dangerous. If your tires are worn out, it can cause a dangerous motor vehicle accident, as the vehicle is likely to lose control and even rollover.


Selecting a Safe Driver


Before planning your adventure, you need to select a driver who has plenty of driving experience with a 15-passenger van. Drivers will need additional training, because there are differences between driving such a massive vehicle, as opposed to driving around in a car. Make sure that you have an experienced driver that will slow down and adhere to the rules of the road.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Despite choosing the best driver to drive the 15-passenger van, accidents do happen depending on several factors. The weather can change from sunshine to storms in a matter of seconds, and, when this happens, it makes it difficult to control the large vehicle. If you are involved in an accident with a 15-passenger van, or another vehicle on the road, don’t hesitate to contact an accident claim lawyer to help you with your case. An accident claim lawyer will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for any damages or loses. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today for guidance and expertise.