Accident Injuries After a Crash and Finding Financial Compensation to Help Car Accident Victims

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Accident Injuries After a Crash and Finding Financial Compensation to Help Car Accident Victims

After a serious car accident, you might walk out of the situation untouched (or so you think), and feel blessed to have survived such an ordeal. However, without an appointment with your doctor after an accident, you might have injuries that you’re unaware of. Many of these injuries can become strained or worsen overtime, so it’s important to get checked out by your doctor after an accident—despite how good you might feel at the time.


Common injuries to look out for after an accident are chronic neck pain and whiplash. So what is chronic neck pain? After a motor vehicle accident, you might experience pain in your neck, which is normal, but if it doesn’t go away after six to ten weeks—you have a problem. This is why you should receive medical attention immediately after your accident, and deal with the consequences of your injuries as soon as you can. Here are different types of chronic pain you might be experiencing after a serious accident:


Facet Joint Pain

Facet joint pain is extremely common after a car accident and is felt through the right or left side at the center back of the neck. Usually, this area will be tender when touched, and the only way to detect the problem is through a medial branch block (MBB) injection.


Disc Injury

Chronic neck pain can also be the result of a disc injury, which is when a whiplash injury causes a tear in the outer disc wall. Sometimes, this injury does not heal and can become weaker overtime. This can cause arm and neck pain and needs to be checked out immediately.


Muscle Strain

If your muscles are strained around your neck and back, it might not cause chronic neck pain, but you will be in pain. The muscles can also worsen overtime if there are injured discs, nerves, or joints beneath.


Herniated Disc

If the spinal nerves or spinal cord is being compressed by a herniated disc, it can cause neck pain. You need to see your doctor to ensure that you receive a number of treatment methods to relive any pain you might be experiencing.


Financial Compensation

Car accidents can be extremely stressful events because they set you back in your life. In one day, your whole life changes before your eyes, and you have to make changes to account for your injuries and financial stresses, no to mention time spent dealing with your insurance company. Though it may not seem like it, there are many supports available to help you deal with the stress of your situation. Car accident victims might feel helpless, but to receive support, you have to be proactive and ask for it.


Back Injuries after an Accident


It is quite common to experience back pain and back injuries after a serious car accident. The three common injuries that you might be experiencing are:

•           Strains and sprains;

•           Fractured vertebrae; and

•           Herniated discs.


For all of these injuries, it will take time for your back to heal, as well as rest and other medical treatments. If you turn to a Toronto personal injury lawyer for advice after an accident, they will ensure that you receive the compensation that you need to get the best medical treatment for your injuries.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accident injuries can be extremely expensive over time if you are receiving treatment and rehabilitation for your injuries. Unfortunately, it will take time for your body to return to it’s original state, and time means money. A Toronto personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve after your case, so that you can continue receiving the best treatment for your car accident injuries. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff Lawyers today, and ask us any questions you might have concerning your case.