Ask Automobile Accident Lawyers about Motorcycle Group Safety

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In the wilderness, thousands of species of animals travel in large groups. Caribou are known for leaving vast swaths of grasslands barren as hundreds graze by, and birds often migrate in huge clusters. On the roads, though, motorcycles are probably the only motorized vehicles that commonly travel in packs. Group motorcycle riding, such as the kind clubs often organize, presents a host of safety issues. Automobile accident lawyers know these dangers, and yet they also know that there are no specific traffic laws pertaining to motorcycles. With that in mind, here are tips for keeping safe if you’re on a motorcycle club ride.


  1. Divide your club’s large group up into smaller units of two or three, and make sure that each of these units departs a few minutes apart from one another. This not only clears the roads for surrounding drivers but also protects any novice riders in your club.
  2. Ride in a staggered formation, and do not break that formation while you’re in motion (i.e. do not pass another rider within the same lane).
  3. Before departing, agree on a few basic hand signals to communicate things like changes in speed, upcoming debris in the road, intent to pass another driver, etc.
  4. Designate a “ride captain” and group leaders for each unit before you depart. The ride captain’s primary responsibility will be planning and sticking to the route, while each group leader should have detailed knowledge of the directions.


These are only a few safety tips, and not all clubs will even go this far. Automobile accident lawyers know that motorcycle clubs pose a serious threat to drivers on the road; however, automobile accident lawyers also know that motorcycle clubs deserve to use the road as much as anyone else, and their rights should be protected. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a Toronto personal injury lawyer for a free consultation today.