Being Hit By A Car and Injuries To Expect

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It doesn’t take too much to imagine yourself getting hit by a car with injuries. Pedestrians are always asked to stay alert and pay attention when crossing streets, or even walking around parking lots, for cars that might not be looking where they are going. If you live in a large city, getting hit by a car might become a daily threat to your safety.


Besides hiring a Toronto personal injury lawyer, there are some important things you need to consider if you get hit by a car — namely; making sure that you aren’t seriously injured. Unfortunately, getting hit by a car results in injuries a good amount of the time. It’s more a matter of which kind of injury you will sustain.


Some of the most common injuries to expect after getting hit by a car:


  • If you’re walking and get hit by a car, the bumper of the car will typically connect with your legs or hips. It is very common to expect broken bones in these areas.
  • Depending on speed, getting hit can result in being thrown a fair distance. This can end in cuts, bruises, and scrapes from your landing.
  • Tissue damage can result in internal bleeding and other serious injuries that most often result in internal complications.
  • The mental injury that comes from being hit by a car, which can result in emotional stress and even struggles with going outside or walking around with confidence.


Injuries are simply a new reality when you have been hit by a car. That does not have to be the end of the story, though. If you have been hit by a car with injuries affecting your life, contact Sokoloff today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.