Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawsuit Statistics

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Ontario’s car accident insurance system is built around the principle of “no-fault”, which, in short, means that insurance companies are responsible for covering damage regardless of the circumstances of the accident. Under such a system, it would be perfectly logical to assume that litigation is only tangentially important to the motor vehicle accident claim process—since insurers handle claims payments, that is. However, the truth is that the insurance claims process is a complex one, and adequate legal representation from an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer is crucial to secure the compensation you need.


Personal Injury Lawsuit Stats in Car Accident Cases

Insurance is mandatory in Ontario, which means that insurance settlements are virtually guaranteed after a serious motor vehicle accident that causes any type of personal injury. But, even with these insurance settlements, most car accident victims still opt to receive legal representation—and even undertake a personal injury lawsuit—if they are not satisfied with their insurance payment (and, given recent changes to the Insurance Act, many aren’t). In fact, 91 percent of claimants chose to take on legal representation in their dealings with insurers, and only 16 percent of claims were settled before pursuing legal action.


Most Common Types of Injuries in Claims

Litigation does not necessarily require a severe personal injury. In fact, 67 percent of all personal injury lawsuits were for mild soft tissue injuries (e.g. whiplash, back sprains), and 70 percent of claimants were not classified as having any injury in the on-scene police report.

If you’ve been in a car accident, no matter the severity, you should arrange a meeting with a Toronto personal injury lawyer. Many soft tissue injuries do not manifest any symptoms until weeks later, and time is of the essence in your case. Look to Sokoloff for a free consultation as soon as possible!



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"Many soft tissue injuries do not manifest any symptoms until weeks later" I totally agree with this statement, no matter the degree of an accident, one should always seek advice!