Car Accidents in Toronto and the Truth About Speeding

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Car Accidents in Toronto and the Truth About Speeding
Recently, in Brampton, ON, a single-car accident injured three people, while the police consider speed to be a factor in the motor vehicle accident. One of the injured passengers was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital, while another was transferred to the trauma center in a local hospital. The crash occurred at 3:50 am, and two victims are now suffering with serious injuries as a result of the collision. 

This crash and many other serious car accidents in Toronto are examples of why speeding continues to be a dangerous activity on the roads, while the consequences are extremely grave. Personal injury lawyers in Brampton see crashes as a result of speeding time and time again, but speed remains a continuous problem on Canadian roads. It’s time to look at the root of the problem and solutions that are being implemented to deal with speeding today. 

Speeding is a Serious Problem 

If you’re speeding like a maniac on the roads, you’re more likely to get into a serious car accident. But, what are the statistics? Speed is said to be a factor in 30 per cent of fatal crashes and 12 per cent of all crashes total. You’re also much more likely to be killed in a crash if you’re traveling at 120 km/h, in fact you’re four times more likely to perish in an accident than at 100 km/h. These are frightening numbers when we’re thinking about how easy it is to speed and how many people we know that speed when they drive.  

Speeding in the Media

It’s no surprise that the media sensationalizes speeding. Movies such as Fast & Furious, The Italian Job, and video games like GTA 5 allow viewers to get a rush or a thrill from watching or participating in speeding. These viewers might want to try these stunts or dangerous behaviours in their own vehicles, and this is when the problem begins. 

We even see that the movie stars from these action movies are subjected to the false ideas that their movies portray; that speeding is a fun, safe activity. Fast and Furious’ leading star, Paul Walker died in a car accident and the investigators found that speed ended up being the main cause of the crash, as the driver was driving between 130-150kmph at the time of the crash. The tragedy of this accident sent the media into a frenzy because of the irony. Paul Walker’s movies promote thrill-seeking speed and danger, yet the lead actor died as a result of speeding. 

Unfortunately, lifestyle advertising has influenced Canadian speeders on the roads, and street racing has become fatal in cities across Canada. We can’t ignore the ads, because they’re everywhere! You might be watching a television show with your family and notice that a car commercial flips on with a speedy vehicle drifting through the city streets. But, these commercials actually violate the Canadian Code of Advertising, which prevents advertisements from depicting ‘situations that might encourage unsafe or dangerous practices or acts.’ If you believe that a commercial violates this code, you can contact Advertising Standards Canada and make an official complaint. That might be your part in finding a solution to this on-going problem on Canadian roads. 

Speedy Solutions

So, now we all know that speeding is a serious problem with serious consequences. But, what do we do about it? One solution that is being implemented, active in three locations throughout British Columbia, is variable speed signs. B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone explains that “these electronic signs will adjust the speed limit according to conditions and will require drivers to slow down and reduce their speed in bad weather.” This is done through pavement and visibility sensors that detect conditions including: freezing rain, heavy snowfall, extreme cold, etc. 

The problem with the speed limit signs you see on the roads today is that they are “one-speed fits all weather conditions” and are not able to change according to the conditions. You should always adjust your speed depending on the weather and slow down if the weather conditions are unfavorable. But, hopefully these variable speed signs will be a way to show drivers the safe speed to travel in many different weather conditions.  

This is only one solution to a complicated problem, but progress is being made to encourage safer driving practices on Canadian roads while making punishments more severe for speeders. 

Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer 
Serious car accidents in Toronto happen because of unsafe driving practices such as speeding. Although drivers know the risks, excuses like” “but everybody speeds” are used to excuse such behavior. If you are involved in a car accident as the result of speeding and are unsure if you were compensated fairly or need a lawyer to guide you through the process of filing your claims, Sokoloff Lawyers is here to help. Car accidents in Toronto are common, and Toronto personal injury lawyers have the experience and the expertise needed to assist you with your case. Contact a personal injury lawyer in the GTA at Sokoloff Lawyers today, and find a lawyer you trust to help you. Book your free consultation today.