Diagnosing a Car Accident Brain Injury

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The injuries that can result from a car accident are varied, as the types of injuries you might sustain are entirely different depending on the conditions of the accident. A car accident brain injury is certainly one of the worst types of injuries you can endure. The brain is incredibly sensitive to force and traumatic injuries which makes it very susceptible to damage when you are in a car accident.


What are the conditions of a car accident that make it so threatening to the brain?


Most people don’t anticipate a car accident happening, because the accident happens in the blink of an eye. When a car gets in your way and suddenly stops, or something else occurs which results in a car accident, chances are you will not be entirely prepared. This is why your car’s ‘crashworthiness’ is especially important to consider. The concept of crashworthiness is related to the capacity your vehicle has to protect both yourself and any passengers you might have in the car.


What kind of automotive defects can cause brain injuries during an accident?


This is especially important with regards to automotive defects, like sudden bursts in speed or seatbelt malfunctions, which can result in a higher chance of injury — or cause the injury itself. No matter the kind of vehicle you are driving, the vehicle itself should be responsible for shielding you from harm. While this won’t always be the case, there certainly shouldn’t be anything getting in your way of driving safely.


How does a car accident brain injury occur?

Even when considering the crashworthiness of a vehicle, a car accident can still have a profound effect on the health of your brain. A car accident involves a great deal of force, which is the energy derived upon impact during an accident. The force of an accident whipping your head forward, whether or not it strikes something like your steering wheel, can result in blunt force trauma to your brain. Your skull protects your brain, but an unexpected exertion of force can bruise your brain against your skull, resulting in damage that you can’t see, but you can certainly feel. Airbags, product recalls, child seat safety, and tire failure are all important to consider when in an accident.


What are the different types of injuries?


Some of the most common symptoms resulting from a car accident brain injury are:


  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Post Traumatic Amnesia
  • Concussion


How do you seek help after sustaining a brain injury due to a car accident?


The first thing you need to find out after sustaining a brain injury during a car accident is to consider all of your options. Hiring a Toronto personal injury lawyer should be your first step whenever you are injured, as you’ll want to explore the options for compensation. Whether your injury was caused by another vehicle or an automotive defect, you may have options to receive help to cover treatment and other living costs.


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