Distracted Driving Prevention with Car Accident Lawyers in Ontario

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In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus’ ships must pass through the straits of the Sirens. Sleek and beautiful creatures, their irresistible song had previously sent thousands of ships colliding with the rock and one another, killing countless sailors. Thankfully, Odysseus and his crew plug their ears with beeswax, thus avoiding the Sirens’ lure. Sounds like a fictional myth, right? But Sirens are more real today than they’ve ever been in history, distracting countless people and bringing on serious collisions. Who are these modern day Sirens? Who is the wrong question—it’s not who, but what. Our cellphones, with their ringtones and buzzes, are the contemporary Sirens, and car accident lawyers in Ontario are taking notice.


Facts on Distracted Driving


When you’re in control of a vehicle, your focus should always—always—be on the task at hand. It doesn’t take much for driving to become distracted. In fact, looking away from the road for as little as two seconds doubles your chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident. Distractions aren’t only phone-related, for that matter. According to the University of Carolina Highway Research Centre, young drivers are most likely to be distracted by adjusting music (whether on a phone or on the radio), drivers in their thirties are most likely to be distracted by young children in the car, and older drivers are mostly distracted by things outside of the car (e.g. billboards, pedestrians, etc.)


Consult Car Accident Lawyers in Ontario


Distracted driving accidents are common, but car accident lawyers in Ontario are well equipped to handle any kind of severe auto collision. Look for a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer near you.