Driving with Pets and Receiving Car Accident Benefits if a Motor Vehicle Accident Occurs

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You’re out for a drive with your favourite furry friend, a beautiful lab mix, and you’ve put her in the back seat of your vehicle to keep you company on the roads. Your puppy can’t stop barking and tries to climb into the front seat, as you’re trying to shush the dog quiet. Nothing is working, and, instead of pulling over, you turn in the driver’s seat to grab the dog’s collar. Seconds go by, but when you turn your head—your car is in the opposite lane! Suddenly, you’re left wishing that you pulled over, or at least kept your dog restrained in the back. A motor vehicle accident occurs, and car accident benefits are needed, due to another driver’s serious injuries.


Driving with Pets


AAA and Kurgo Pet Products sponsored a survey that revealed that 29 percent of drivers have been distracted by their pet while driving. The survey also showed that while driving with pets:


  • More than half of drivers admitted to petting their dog;
  • 17 percent of people let their dog sit on their lap;
  • 13 percent of drivers gave food or treats to their pet; and
  • 4 percent played with their dog in the car.


Just because drivers aren’t texting and driving—it does not mean that they are not participating in distracted driving behaviour. There are new distracted driving laws in Ontario that help protect drivers on the road, because no driver deserves injuries and damage at the fault of a distracted driver.


Using a Restraint System for Your Pets


It’s been divulged that 84 percent of people who responded to the AAA survey drive with their pets, but used no restraint system. It is important that you use a pet restraint system in your car and here’s why:


  • Restraint systems prevent your pet from moving if a car accident does happen to occur--it also mitigates the force of the crash, and limits distractions;
  • Airbags can be deadly to pets, and the restraint will keep your pet safe in the back seat;
  • Harnesses that are padded are also available to protect your pet; and
  • There are many systems available, ensuring that one will fit in your vehicle.


After reading these points, there is no reason to drive without a dog restraint in your vehicle. Your pets will be safer, you will be safer, and the other drivers on the road will thank you for it. Distracted driving is not okay and can cause very serious motor vehicle accidents, which are avoidable.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


If you, or a loved one, is involved in a serious motor vehicle accident because of distracted driving, contact a personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today. We will ensure that you receive the car accident benefits that you are eligible for, while helping you to file your claims. You deserve car accident benefits for the damage and injuries that you sustained—so don’t pay the price for someone else’s mistakes.




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