Filing a Personal Injury Claim after a Driving Accident Occurs Involving Teens

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In this day and age, distractions are beeping, buzzing, and calling us from every direction. With technology transforming the landscape around us; cellphones, sensors, digital billboards, music, etc. become forces that distract us from concentrating on the tasks at hand. Presently, teens seem to be on their cellphones at every hour of the day, and they may even feel a sense of separation anxiety without them. The habit of texting and checking your phone every minute is extremely dangerous in the car; as distracted driving causes a great number of deaths on the roads.


CAA explains that motor vehicle accidents contribute to a leading cause of death among teens in Canada. This is a scary statement and really makes you aware of why it’s so important to instill good driving practices and habits in your teen. Below are Here are a few tools CAA mentions that are designed to encourage your teen to take part in safe driving behaviour.


Teens Learn from Your Driving Practices


It might seem obvious, but your teen learns from your driving behaviour in the car. If you’re speeding, doing stop and rolls at stop signs, and flying through yellow lights—this behaviour will be absorbed by your teen in the back seat. If you want your teen to drive safely on the roads, you need to set the example. Ensure that you practice safe driving behaviour while driving your teen, as you become a positive driving role model for them.


Explain Driving Technique in Motion


It’s one thing for your teen to read a manual that explains the rules of the road, but it’s another to explain best practices while you’re driving with your teen in the car. This can be something as simple as saying: “There are hefty fines for distracted driving laws in Ontario now, so I keep my phone in the back seat to prevent me from texting.” Of course, you don’t want to continue commentating your entire trip, just try to add a tip here and there when your teens are learning. Reflect on personal experiences (bad and good), and share these memories with your teen to learn more about what to do and what not to do on the roads. This will prevent your teen from causing a serious motor vehicle accident, while having personal injury claims and other legal woes to deal with in the aftermath.


Hiring a Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims


You can only do so much for your own teen as they are learning to drive. What you can’t control are other drivers on the roads. Despite your best efforts as a parent, crashes continue to occur. If your teen has been seriously injured in a crash and you want to receive compensation for his or her loses, contact a Toronto personal injury lawyer to file personal injury claims. Personal injury claims will ensure that your loved one receives the compensation that they rightfully deserve. Build your case today and file your personal injury claims with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff.