Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit after a Motorcycle Accident Occurs

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Motorcycles are high-flying, wind-ripping, adrenaline-filled vehicles with the power and agility to pass the fastest vehicle on the road. However, your loved ones might be infuriated that you purchased the bike in the first place, considering that riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous. Vehicles have a difficult time spotting these speedsters on the roads, and motorcycles quite often end up in a vehicle’s blind spot.


However, there are new advancements being made to these speed demons that are designed to protect the rider and prevent serious injuries from occurring. Here are a few notable advancements that have been made:


Airbags on Bikes


Shockingly enough, airbags are quite a recent development on motorcycles, as Honda was the first to introduce a motorcycle air bag system in 2006. Unfortunately, these air bags do not protect the driver in the way that an airbag would in an automobile. The air bag is only designed to protect the driver if there is a head-on collision. However, Japanese manufacturer RS Taichi has developed an airbag suit that is designed to protect the body of the victim in a crash. It’s evident that although motorcycles are more dangerous on the roads, innovations and advancements are being made.


Motorcycle Lights


Lights are an integral part of driving, especially when driving at night. Lights on a motorcycle are even more important, because they allow other vehicles to see the driver more clearly. Adaptive headlights have been developed to move with the angle the bike is riding at. This allows vehicles to detect the motorcycle at every turn. Brake lights are also being improved upon, so that there is less likelihood of the biker being rear-ended.


Innovative Helmets


Helmets are another key safety feature that you need on a bike. Accidents involving motorcycles can lead to serious head injuries, and helmets are the best way of preventing this injury. These head injuries might even result in a personal injury lawsuit, when money is needed to finance medical costs. With this being said, helmets are arguably the most important safety feature to wear when riding. One manufacturer has created an airbag helmet that was developed in 2008. The airbag is designed to protect the rider’s neck and spine if an accident occurs. Like most safety features, developments continue to be made to protect the safety of bikers everywhere.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


If you are looking to file a personal injury lawsuit against a driver in a motorcycle accident, a Toronto personal injury lawyer is the right person to call. A lawyer will help you through the process, making sure that your receive the compensation that you deserve for your case.