Filing a Spinal Injury Claim with the Help of a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

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You’re driving early in the morning, yawning as you become anxious to get a hold of your morning coffee. You leave the drive-thru feeling extremely relieved with the coffee cup in the cup holder—ready to go to work. As soon as you pull out of the parking lot, a car blindly turns into your car, crashing into the passenger’s side. Your back is thrusted forwards and you feel a sharp pain shoot down your spine. You receive medial attention immediately after the crash, and it has been confirmed that you have suffered a spinal injury.


Spinal cord injuries can be suffered in many different scenarios including:


  • Stab or bullet wounds;
  • Driving accidents;
  • Falling from great heights;
  • Sport injuries;
  • Extreme twisting;
  • Electric shock; or
  • Other traumatic injuries.


If you feel as though you suffer from a spinal injury, be sure to look at these symptoms:


  • A sense of numbness or tingling;
  • Trouble walking;
  • Weakness;
  • Loss of bladder control;
  • A lack of alertness;
  • Stiffness;
  • Paralysis; or
  • Numbness.


It is important that you do not move anyone that may have experienced a spinal injury. You should call 911 immediately, and let the medical professionals move the victim.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


If you have suffered a spinal cord injury and need to make a spinal injury claim to receive compensation for your suffering, a Toronto personal injury lawyer will help you through this entire process. A spinal injury claim needs to be filed quickly and correctly, but a lawyer will ensure that your claims are handled with professionalism and expertise. Book an appointment with a Toronto personal injury lawyer to help file your spinal injury claims today.