Finding a Long-Term Disability Policy that is Right for You

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It can only take one moment for your entire life, and outlook on life, to change drastically. You are at work one day climbing a tall ladder to reach the highest shelf for a customer. Your boss notices a spill under the ladder and tells you to “watch out!” Suddenly—you fall from the ladder onto your back, and it’s all blurry from that point on. You’ve been told that you’ve suffered a severe spinal injury that will prohibit you from walking for the rest of your life. You never expected to hear this diagnosis and have no idea what to do moving forward in your life. There is hope in this scenario.


Long-Term Disability


A scenario such as the one described details the trauma both emotionally, mentally, and physically that occurs when a serious injury happens in the workplace. The light in this dark situation it that there are a multitude of supports available to you in Ontario, and a Toronto personal injury lawyer will also help you to receive the compensation you deserve for you injuries.


So what is long-term disability insurance?


Long-term disability insurance is a replacement income that becomes available to you if you become disabled from your job. Policies often vary, but you need to know where to start when looking for a policy that is right for you.


What does it mean to have a “total disability”?


“Total disability” cannot be defined, and again, the definition varies from insurance policy to policy.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


A Toronto personal injury lawyer will work with you to receive the compensation and long-term disability policy that is right for you. Lawyers understand the laws surrounding these policies and will let you know exactly what you are eligible to receive. Book a free consultation with a Sokoloff lawyer and ask us any questions about your personal case today.