Finding a Neck Injury Lawyer after Experiencing Whiplash in a Crash

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Do you ever wake up from an extremely uncomfortable sleep, cracking your neck from side-to-side in the morning, finding that everything is sore? It’s a challenge to look to your left and to your right, and now you’re wishing that you had accepted the offer to sleep in the spare room instead of on the couch. Multiply this feeling by a hundred, and you’re probably experiencing whiplash. Sleeping is one thing, but crashing a vehicle at high speeds and having your head whip forward with sudden force is another.


The term “whiplash” was originally used in 1928 by Crowe to describe sudden acceleration-deceleration forces that cause injuries to the spine. Before whiplash, the term ‘railway spine’ was used to diagnose people who were injured in train accidents. It was a controversial diagnosis because many people believed the condition to be hysteria or another psychological cause. This shows how much whiplash has evolved, considering we see it as serious medical condition now. Neck injury lawyers also exist to help protect those involved in serious motor vehicle accidents, so that the victim receives the compensation that they deserve for their injuries.


How Do You Know You Have Whiplash?


After a car accident, you need to receive medical attention immediately, and the doctor will examine you for injuries and fractures. Your doctor might even ask for an x-ray of your neck to check for a serious injury. If nothing shows up on the x-ray, but you are still concerned, the doctor will use an MRI to detect any injuries to the soft tissues.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


A Toronto personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve after experiencing whiplash in a car accident. You need to see a doctor immediately, as they will diagnose your condition, but a lawyer will help you with your case after the diagnosis. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.