Finding Happiness after a Brain Injury and Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney to Find Justice

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Brain injuries can be devastating, as the person you once knew is lost in the game, the car accident, or the fight that caused the personal injury. You will have to learn to care for and to love a new person in some cases, and this can be harder for the family and the love ones affected than it is for the brain injury victim. A brain injury attorney will help you find justice in an unjust situation, but it is up to you to find happiness in this tragedy.


Joel Goldstein’s story is one story out of many parents that have had a child affected by a brain injury after a serious car accident. Joel explains that: “Each of us mourns the boy lost in the crash, even as we struggle to relate to the stranger in our midst. We witness Bart’s adoring little sister’s bewilderment and hurt in the face of his wild mood swings and angry outbursts, his mom’s high anxiety when riding in a car, and my chronic insomnia. We’re walking wounded.”


Even though Joel’s life has changed forever, he uses his experience as a guide to give tips to others who are going through a similar situation. Joel notes that it’s important to:


  • Forgive the cause of the accident;
  • Count your blessings;
  • Live life a day at a time;
  • Listen to music;
  • Laugh a lot;
  • Surround yourself with positive people;
  • Avoid negative people;
  • Find spirituality in your life;
  • Take care of yourself;
  • Stay open-minded; and
  • Ask for help from family and friends.


These tips are not designed to change the situation, but they are meant to change your thinking and attitude around the situation.


Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney


A brain injury attorney is meant to take stress and financial insecurities off of your plate and help you to receive the compensation you are eligible for. Toronto personal injury lawyers are not able to change the result of the case, but we can work for justice. Book a free consultation with a brain injury attorney at Sokoloff today.