Finding Injury Attorneys for a Drug-Impaired Driving Case

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When driving on the road, it can be quite a frightening experience watching someone veer off from lane to lane, swerving, or even running red lights. You instantly know that this behaviour is out of the norm, (hopefully) reporting the driver to the police as soon as you can. However, most of the time we assume that the driver is intoxicated at the wheel. This is usually the focus, but what about drug-impaired driving? Survey data reveals that in Canada, driving after using drugs has become increasingly popular within the last decade. This shows that our definitions of “impaired driving” need to be expanded to include other bad driving practices.


Drugged Driving


In Canada, a study compared the use of alcohol and drugs among fatally-injured drivers; one-third of these drivers had been using drugs while driving. Cannabis, stimulants, and central nervous system depressants are the categories of drugs that were most commonly found in these fatally-injured drivers. Unlike drunk drivers, these drivers are more likely to drive during the hours of 6am-6pm, while drunk drivers drive more prevalent on weekends and late at night.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Injury attorneys have the experience and expertise needed to help you after a motor vehicle accident occurs. Despite the consequences and the risks, there are still many drivers that are either drinking, or drugging, and driving. You need to be aware of the road ahead and other drivers around you, although some crashes are unavoidable. Injury attorneys at Sokoloff have experience dealing with unique cases and will help you through the process of filing your claims. Book a free consultation with a selection of injury attorneys at Sokoloff today to help you with your case.