Finding the Best Accident Lawyer to Help You after a Serious Winter Driving Accident

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The snow is falling, the ice on the roads is beginning to form, and you’re sitting back on the couch with your summer tires still on. It’s time for a change. You know that you’re not safe driving in the winter with your summer tires, but will your pick be winter tires or all-season tires? You want tires that are going to keep you safe on the roads, without sliding back and forth like a skateboard weaving through the traffic. The truth is that your tires are the difference between life and death in the winter months, and it’s important that you invest in tires that are going to hold up.


So here’s the deal—all-season tires might seem like the lazy-car owner’s dream, as you don’t have to invest in winter tires and go through the pain of getting your tires changed. The reality is that all-season tires hardly compare to winter tires. Tire experts in Canada concluded that in most cases, winter tires out-performed all-season tires in winter conditions. Transport Canada revealed that all-season tires become less effective when the temperature drops below -10C.


Winter Driving Tips


In the winter months, it’s essential that you drive safely and adjust your speed according to the conditions around you on the roads. Here are a few tips that will keep you safer this winter:


  • Always have four tires installed on your vehicle. Transport Canada recommends this to improve your vehicle handling, while optimizing the ABS brakes.
  • Change your tires earlier, rather than later. When the first snowfall arrives, the line-ups at dealerships become overwhelmingly long.
  • Have your winter tires removed as soon as the temperature rises above 5C, as they are not as effective in stopping on dry and wet roads in the summer time.
  • Make sure that your winter tires are properly inflated. The pressure of your tires will decrease when the temperatures drop, so it is important to check them once a month.
  • Always store your tires properly, as poor tire storage can shorten the lifespan of your tires.


If you take these extra precautions, you will save your tires from wearing out and save yourself from having to find the best accident lawyer to get you out of serious consequences after an accident.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Finding the best accident lawyer to help you with your case can be a challenge, but Toronto personal injury lawyers know the laws better than anyone else. They are also familiar with the hardships winter driving brings to Canadian roads, but will ensure that the driver at-fault in the accident pays his or her dues. The Fault Determination Rules explain that there is always a driver at-fault in an accident, regardless of unfavourable weather conditions. This means that if another driver skids into you and blames the weather for the accident, they are still at-fault no matter what they claim.


The best accident lawyers are Toronto personal injury lawyers, because they have the experience and the expertise to manage your case with ease. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today and learn everything you can about the compensation that you can receive.