Finding the Right Disability Claims Lawyer in Hamilton for Your Case

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As an employer, it might become evident that an employee is struggling with an injury, being sick, etc., and it is causing them to miss multiple days at work. This affects you as an employer, but you also see that your employee is doing the best that they can under their circumstances. As the employer, you play a role in helping out your employee in this situation. It is not your job to determine if your employee is “totally disabled,” but you can point them in the right direction so that they receive help immediately. 


So who decides if the employee is disabled?


It is not the employer’s job to deicide whether or not their employee is disabled. This is the job for a Co-operators Disability Case Manager who will review:


  • The job description and associated duties;
  • Medical information;
  • Information from the employee and employer; and
  • The definition of “total disability.”


It is the employee’s duty to speed up the process by keeping in touch with their physician. As an employer, you can:


  • Encourage your employees to read A Guide to Claiming Disability Benefits, which is found in the application; and
  • Submit the completed claim form as soon as you can.


Hiring a Disability Claims Lawyer in Hamilton


If you are the employee, and you need help filing your disability claims, a disability claims lawyer in Hamilton will be sure to help you with every step of the process. Your lawyer will prepare a case for you, proving your medical condition, and ensuring that you receive the benefits and the compensation you deserve. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer or disability claims lawyer at Sokoloff today.