Getting an Accident Lawyer for Truck Accidents

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Whenever you are about to hit the road, there are some careful considerations you need to make. The most important thing to understand on the road is that you are sharing that space with multiple drivers. The farther you look to travel, the more important this is going to become — especially when your route involves major roadways where there is often more congestion and increased speeds. Sharing the road is all about mutual respect; maintaining a safe and equal distance from other cars on the road is always important. Before needing an accident lawyer for truck collisions, consider these statistics and consequences.


Should I be worried about getting into an accident with a truck?


Accidents involving trucks are especially important to acknowledge and understand the risks involved. Trucks are an essential part of moving things across towns, cities, and even the country, but they can often pose a risk to other drivers. It is important to consider the statistical implications of driving with trucks, and how you can best avoid getting into an accident with a truck. Should your reality involve a truck accident, there are accident lawyers with readily available options to tackle your case.


What are the consequences of getting into a truck accident?


A report by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2009 stated that only 15% of truck drivers end up in fatal collisions involving other motor vehicles/pedestrians — those who were not in the truck were far more likely to succumb to their injuries (75% and 10%, respectively). Passengers inside trucks are safer due to the size of the vehicle those involved in a truck accident are simply not as safe in cars and on the street


What causes truck accidents?


The leading causes of accidents involving trucks and other motor vehicles revolve around two things: fatigue and distraction. Truck drivers were reported as driving distracted during accidents more than any other group of motorists (12%), while fatigue has been reported as playing a role in fatal accidents 30% of the time. It is important to note that with the prevalence of both cell phone use in the car and an increased need for cross country shipping, these statistics will likely remain consistent.


How do I avoid getting into an accident with a truck?


Now that truck accidents have been established as a very real cause of concern for drivers, what can be done to prevent getting into a potentially fatal accident with a truck? Fatal accidents can be avoided by simply paying attention to the road and who is around you. Having presence of mind to recognize who is joining you on the road is the most important thing. This means understanding where trucks are, if they are behaving erratically (swerving between lanes or driving onto the shoulder), and how to carefully respond. Safely passing trucks on the roadways is one of the most important factors in preventing truck accidents. If you are too close to a truck, it becomes your responsibility to safely pass it to avoid injury. In fact, creating passing lanes on two lane highways has helped prevent road accidents by up to 29 percent. As long as it is done safely, passing is a necessary driving maneuver.


What if I have gotten into a truck accident?


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