Hiring a Car Injury Lawyer after a Driving Accident Occurs Involving an Elderly Driver

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When you’re out driving on the roads, sometimes you see errors so ridiculous that you wonder how this driver ever received his or her license. Unfortunately, cases do happen in which seniors pass their driving tests when they no longer have the ability to drive safely on the roads. The reality is that, no matter what age, we all share the roads as drivers. CAA believes that we need to find new ways to accommodate the aging population on the roads.


It is stated that in a mere 10 years, one in four people in Canada will be over the age of 65. So instead of fighting with seniors on the roads, we need to find new ways to ensure the safety of all drivers. The CAA suggests strategies such as: developing a licensing program based on ability rather than age, improving highway and road designs, and making changes in vehicles to accommodate the elderly. So how do you talk to an elderly person in your life about their driving? Here are a few tips CAA recommends, making this conversation easier for both parties involved:


Prepare for a Negative Reaction


When you’re ready to talk to an older person about their driving, it can be an extremely sensitive topic. It is difficult to grow older and slowly give up your independence piece by piece. A driver’s license is a symbol of independence to many, and this means that taking it away will truly impact a person’s life. Before going into the conversation, prepare yourself for a negative or dismissive reaction, and know that it’s a difficult subject for most people. However, the conversation you have with this person might influence them to hand over their license, potentially saving their life and the lives of other drivers on the road.


Choose the Right Person for the Job  


Before attempting to have a conversation about taking away a person’s driver’s license, be sure to choose the right person to speak to them. You might decide that your doctor is the best person for the job, or you might choose a family member that has the best relationship with this person, easing them into the conversation.


Hiring a Car Injury Lawyer in Toronto


Even after talking to your loved one about giving up their driver’s license, you cannot control other elderly drivers and their decisions on the roads. This means that motor vehicle accidents will still occur, despite your best efforts. A car injury lawyer will be sure to help you or your loved one, assisting you in receiving the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. A car injury lawyer will also speak to your insurance company directly and help you through the claims process. With the best advice and expertise in the field, car injury lawyers will ensure that you have a strong case against the driver at-fault. Be sure to book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.