Hiring a Personal Injury Claim Lawyer after an Assault or Bar Fight

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A personal injury can happen at anytime. You could be walking down the block, playing sports, or grocery shopping—when something you least expect happens. Maybe you slipped on spilled milk at the Metro two blocks from your house, or you were tripped by your teammate before scoring the winning goal. No matter what the case entails, a personal injury claim lawyer will work with you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.


There are many different case types including:


Injury from an Assault


If you suffer an injury after being involved in a robbery, an assault, or any abuse, you are eligible to receive financial compensation.


So what happens in a situation where you are injured in a bar fight?


Even if you consent to a fight, consent does not serve as a defense against an assault. Even alcohol is not a legal defense when an assault occurs. Most bar fights involve alcohol, but even when inebriated, it does not mean that the person lacked intent in the attack. There are also parameters surrounding self-defense in this situation. Self-defense might involve you punching someone back in a fight to stop the assault, but if the person continues to attack the aggressor, it is no longer self-defense. So even if you have been involved in a bar fight, a personal injury claim lawyer will work with you to receive financial assistance in the aftermath of the situation.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury claim lawyer will work with you after an assault or a fight that leaves you injured, even if alcohol is involved in the scenario. You may have asked for a fight, but you didn’t ask to be severely injured and you can fight back for financial compensation. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.