Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer after an Aggressive Driving Accident

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You’re driving peacefully on a spacious road, when a driver begins aggressively tailgating you. There is no place to pull off to the side of the road, so you flash your lights at the vehicle, encouraging the driver to pass you. The driver continues to tailgate your vehicle and you’re becoming uncomfortable in your seat. You stop at a red light hoping the driver will change directions, but the driver continues to follow you. You’re confused, frightened, and stressed out over the aggressive driver that maintains an uncomfortable distance between both vehicles on the road. Why is this occurring?


Sometimes, we don’t have an answer for these scenarios. Aggressive driving can be instigated, but it can also be an inherent part of that particular driver’s behaviour. It is best to continue driving if this situation continues to occur and not to drive home when another driver is following you. Maybe you made a lane change the driver didn’t like, maybe they’re having a bad day, but there is no excuse for aggressive driving behaviour.


Here are a few tips to avoid aggressive drivers, and to avoid driving aggressively yourself:


  • If you feel heated in a certain scenario on the roads, take a break, pull over, and de-stress before driving again;
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict on the roads such as: making rude gestures or comments;
  • Always think about the consequences of your actions before you let an impulsive decision dictate your behaviour;
  • Remain patient in congested traffic, avoiding confrontation; and
  • Pay attention to other drivers on the roads, staying away from any distractions.


Personal injury lawyers deal with car accidents caused by reckless behaviour, resulting in far greater consequences than the situation calls for to begin with. It’s important to stay calm on the roads, and learn to recognize and deal with your emotions in a healthy matter.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Aggressive driving will always be a problem on the roads, but if a car accident occurs because of a preventable situation, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff will ensure that you receive this compensation and help you through the process of filing your claims. Book a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.