Hiring a Serious Accident Lawyer after a Car Accident Occurs in a Whiteout

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There’s a saying that goes something like this: ”it’s like trying to see a polar bear in a snowstorm.” In our case, your vehicle becomes that hard to see in a whiteout. This is because the snow hinders your visibility of the road and other vehicles on it. However, there are tips that you can follow for driving in a whiteout so that you don’t have to hire a serious accident lawyer after tragic car accident.


Driving in a Whiteout


Look at the forecast before driving in the winter, and if it looks probable that a whiteout might happen—avoid driving until the storm passes. This is obviously the best way to steer clear of a serious car accident and to have optimum visibility on the roads, but sometimes whiteouts happen when you least suspect it. If a whiteout does happen to occur while you are driving, these are a few driving tips that you can follow:


  • When a whiteout occurs, slow down and be patient.
  • Use your low beams because your high beams will reflect off of the snow and make it even harder to see.
  • Follow at a safe distance behind the cars in front of you.
  • Defrost your windows so that you have maximum visibility.
  • If your visibility is incredibly impaired then pull off of the road and find a safe spot to wait out the storm.


Hiring a Serious Accident Lawyer


Even in the most extreme cases of bad weather or whiteouts, the insurance companies need to determine who is at-fault in an accident. In Ontario, the Fault Determination Rules always determine that a driver is at-fault, even though the accident might have been the result of a whiteout. If a car accident does happen to occur, it is best to hire a serious accident lawyer to help you with your case. If you feel you were not at-fault in an accident that happened in a whiteout, a serious accident lawyer will have the best advice and experience to help you with your case. Book a consultation with a Sokoloff lawyer today!