Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer after Reckless Driving Leads to a Collision

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The blockbuster series Fast and Furious was a success with its portrayal of a luxurious lifestyle involving Hollywood girls, exotic cars, and exhilarating car chases. However, the danger caught up with the cast, and an ironic death took a toll on the franchise. Paul Walker, the star of the intense action movies, died in a car accident with racing partner Roger Rodas—speeding being the main factor in his death.


Some say that Fast and Furious promotes dangerous driving, as impressionable drivers attempt to catch up to the speed of professional racecar drivers in the movie. Paul Walker’s death shows us that even drivers trained to drive quickly make detrimental mistakes on the road. Speeding can be the factor in many car accidents, and an auto accident lawyer is needed to prove that the speeder is at-fault in the collision.


Speed and Skids: Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer


A skid happens when the vehicle's tires lose grip of the surface of the road, while the driver loses control of the car. In the case of Paul Walker’s death, the car skidded off of the road because of the dangerous speeds the car was traveling at, ending in tragedy. 


Skids usually happen because a car is traveling too fast in unfavourable road or weather conditions. This ends up causing serious car accidents involving serious injuries. An auto accident lawyer will be able to help collect evidence to prove that the speeder was at-fault in the accident.


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