Hiring Automobile Accident Lawyers to Assist You with an Impaired Driving Case

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Impaired driving can be misunderstood by many drivers out on the roads, as they reach for their coffee to keep them up at the wheel. Speaking of caffeine and lack of sleep—driving while fatigued is considered an impairment. So what is classified as an impairment? According to the Global Road Safety Partnership, impairment is the “reduced ability to perform adequately the various elements of the driving task.” Impairment can include anything from driving after ingesting drugs to driving with an injury, while fatigued, or driving as an elder. As you can see, impairment is not simply subject to drinking and driving, and all forms of impairment need to be taken seriously. Automobile accident lawyers see these cases time and time again, so it’s important to understand the definition of “impairment” and whether you can drive safely with your prescription.


Using Medications while Driving


Just because your doctor has prescribed you a specific medication, it does not mean that you should not analyze the side-effects and symptoms of the medication to prevent dangerous driving practices. Most medications will not interfere with your driving, but these are a few side-effects to look out for:


  • Anxiety;
  • Pain in the chest;
  • Confusion;
  • Feeling drowsy;
  • Nausea;
  • Blurred vision; and
  • Feeling disoriented.


These are all side-effects that will affect your ability to drive safely on the roads, while putting you and other drivers at risk of a motor vehicle crash. If you are taking a mix of medications, they can have effects similar to using alcohol or illicit drugs. A drug is a drug—so ask your doctor about the side-effects, and ensure that you are safe to drive when taking a new prescription.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


Automobile accident lawyers have seen many accidents where impairment was the underlying cause of the crash. They have experience with these cases, and, because of this, they are able to assist you with your own case. Book a free consultation with automobile accident lawyers at Sokoloff to help you with your case today. 




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