Hit by a Car? Injuries Deserve Compensation

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Cormack McCarthy’s The Road tells the gritty tale of a post-apocalyptic wastescape traversed by an intrepid father and son. With dangers and horrors around every bend, McCarthy’s road is a fictional hell. Though real-life roads are hardly the torturous affairs of his novel, Ontario’s roads are still plenty dangerous. If you’re hit by a car, injuries you sustain can be absolutely debilitating, causing you to lose income and have a poorer quality of life. But, if you’ve been hit by a car, injuries don’t have to be the end of the world either; especially with the help of a good Ontario personal injury lawyer.


Programs to Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents


Municipal governments are making the roads safer as we speak, by implementing carefully designed safety strategies. For instance, the Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a safety initiative put forth by the Ottawa Police Service, the City of Ottawa Fire Services, Paramedics Service, Public Health, and Public Works Department. Its goal is to reduce car accidents, raise public awareness of road safety issues and practices, and coalesce the work of the various city departments.




Ottawa’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) is one of the key aspects of Safer Roads Ottawa. It is a month-by-month enforcement focus revolving around “themes” such as following too close, stop sign violations, etc. It allows enforcement officials to simultaneously hone in on offenders while also raising awareness.


If you’ve been hit by a car, injuries will prompt you to go looking for extra safety measures. Thankfully, municipal governments are taking the lead.