How a Good Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer can Help

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How a Good Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer can Help

If you are caught driving with a blood alcohol count (BAC) at or above 0.08, or if you refuse to submit to a breathalyzer, your license will immediately be suspended for 90 days and your vehicle impounded for 7 days, aside from any charges that you ultimately receive. If convicted, the minimum consequences are:

  • One-year driver’s license suspension;
  • One-year ignition interlock upon reinstatement;
  • A fine paid to federal government;
  • License reinstatement fee;
  • Increased insurance premiums; and
  • Increased penalties if you become a repeat offender.

Drinking and driving is not the only way to face impaired driving charges, either.


Drugged Driving


As marijuana comes closer to legalization in Canada, it’s important to remember that high driving is just as dangerous as any other impairment. If a police offer finds that you were impaired with any illegal substance, be that marijuana, cocaine, or any other, you will face the same minimum consequences as a drunk driver, and perhaps worse.


If you’ve been in an accident caused by impaired driving, a good motor vehicle accident lawyer can get you the compensation you need to recover from the experience. Consult a Toronto personal injury lawyer not only for legal advice, but to help deal with insurance claims, medical documents, and more. A good motor vehicle accident lawyer can be your best ally after your collision.