How Does Your Insurance Company Assess Fault for Car Accident Claims?

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How Does Your Insurance Company Determine Fault after a Car Accident?


In Canada, there is always someone at-fault in a car accident, due to the Fault Determination Rules. These rules exist to help insurance companies provide their customers with quick and consistent treatment. Once you are involved in an auto accident and report the accident to your insurance company, they will begin their investigation and determine the driver at fault based on the Fault Determination Rules.


The Fault Determination Rules use different diagrams and images to exemplify 40 different accident situations. These situations can be applied to many different collision scenarios, and the Determination Rules apply regardless of bad weather conditions.


The fault can also be shared in a car accident if one or more drivers were partially at fault in the accident. As a driver, you can be 100 per cent at fault or zero per cent at fault. However, if you are over zero per cent at fault in an accident, you will have an at fault accident on your insurance record. Your insurance premiums will go up if you determined to be more than 25 per cent at fault in the accident. By lending your vehicle to another driver, they become responsible for your insurance record, and, if they get into an accident, it will go under your record.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer to File Your Car Accident Claims


A Toronto personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive fair compensation after a car accident, while helping you file your car accident claims. A lawyer will also deal with your insurance company, and, if you are wrongfully determined to be at fault in an accident, they will fight for your case. It’s time to file your car accident claims with amazing advice and expertise from a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today. Book a free consultation!