How Fully Automated Vehicles Reduce Settlements and Hiring an Automobile Accident Lawyer in the GTA

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How Fully Automated Vehicles Reduce Settlements and Hiring an Automobile Accident Lawyer in the GTA

Throughout the automobile industry, authorities across multiple strata are undertaking measures to increase driver safety and reduce auto accident settlements in Ontario. Automobile manufacturers continue to bolster the crash safety of their vehicles, citizen advocacy non-profits organizations like MADD and CAA help to increase awareness and lobby the government, and even the provincial government itself continually improves upon our infrastructure. But despite all these efforts, none have been able to eliminate the most dangerous factor in the driving experience: drivers. That is, until now.


Automated Vehicles in Ontario


Far from the domain of sci-fi, automated vehicles have been making waves for the past few years. But the concepts and test runs over in Silicon Valley are no longer just the quarry of science-page headlines; as of January 1st, 2016, Ontario has launched a pilot program to test automated vehicles on our roads. This makes Ontario the first province in Canada to implement such a plan.


What Are Automated Vehicles?


Fully automated vehicles (AVs) are an environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, and auto accident settlement-free future. For the purposes of the pilot program, an AV is…

A driverless or self-driving vehicle, capable of sensing its environment using artificial intelligence, sensors, and global positioning system coordinates to drive without human input.

Though many cars already on the road have systems like cruise control, lane centering, or automated parking, these are only semi-automated (since they still require a human operator for most of the driving), and are not included in the pilot program.


The Benefits of AVs


Unlike certain other technological “improvements”, AVs will be much more than simply something to let us do less work. If completely incorporated into the current infrastructure, AVs will offer a slate benefits.


  • Environmental
    • Greenhouse gas emissions will be decreased with widespread use of AVs, since vehicles will be able to automatically communicate with one another in order the drive with maximum efficiency.
  • Economic
    • AVs will reduce traffic congestion, thus increasing the flow of goods and services. Further, Ontario’s leadership role in the country will allow for expansive employment in the field of AV technology.
  • Safety
    • Perhaps best of all, AVs will exponentially reduce the amount of motor vehicle accidents and automobile injuries, thus drastically reducing the likelihood of an auto accident settlement.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers estimates that by 2040, 75 percent of all road users will be AVs, so these benefits are all the more impressive.


AVs are not yet available on the market, but with the help of real world testing like Ontario’s pilot program, the future is one filled with self-driving cars and bereft of auto accident settlements. The future is bright, but for now, serious car accidents are still relatively common. If you’ve been involved in a car accident injury, look to Sokoloff Lawyers. In a free consultation, they can show you how to receive the compensation that you deserve. Don’t leave your legal representation on autopilot—get a Toronto personal injury lawyer today.