Life Threatening Car Accident Injuries

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Nobody likes to imagine being in a car accident, it is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable and upsetting things you can think about. Nonetheless, car accidents are a very real part of many drivers’ experiences on the road. Since there is no such thing as a good car accident, it is important to consider the very real consequences of car accidents — more specifically, the car accident injuries that can follow.


How often are car injuries fatal?


In 2013, 1,923 motor vehicle fatalities were recorded in Canada alone. This is a jarring number, even though it is only a small percentage of the people who actually take to the road every morning. To think that your daily commute, your trip to the store, or your road trip with the family could end in tragedy is not only a possibility, it is something that is actively encountered by many people after they leave their homes. Accidents that result in fatalities can most certainly be prevented, especially if proper safety procedures are followed.


What injuries can be fatal in a motor vehicle accident?


While some car injuries are fatal upon contact, many people succumb to their injuries after the fact. The most serious car accident injuries often involve the brain, the skull, or the spine. These body parts are sensitive to injury so any sort of traumatic physical contact here can compromise the body entirely. Fractures, internal bleeding, or detrimental breakage can forever impact someone’s life — either threatening it or ending it entirely.


What are some ways to prevent fatal accidents on the road?


If you consider the potential disastrous results which can occur from a car accident, there is certainly no doubt that taking care on the road is absolutely essential. The most important thing you can do when on the road is not directly related to your own driving. While keeping track of your driving is definitely important, it is just as imperative to take note of everyone else on the road. When cars act erratically, whether due to fatigue, distraction, or being under the influence, accidents can be prevented by other cars on the road. Keeping track of what other cars are doing, and avoiding them properly (by giving them space) is an easy and essential way to prevent potentially fatal car accident injuries. 


What accident benefits exist for life threatening car accident injuries?


If you or someone you know has sustained life threatening car accident injuries, all hope does not have to be lost. You are entitled to your options should you be hurt in an accident, especially if your injuries are so severe that death is a possibility. Hiring a Toronto personal injury lawyer should be your first step in the process, but the kinds of benefits you might be entitled to in the event of a fatal car accident are as follows:


Medical and Rehabilitation Benefit


Attendant Care Benefit


Death and Funeral Payments Benefit


These are just some of your options when your car accident injuries prove to be life threatening or fatal. Contacting Sokoloff today to speak to a personal injury lawyer, with your first consultation being free, is especially important to learn more about your options moving forward.