Long-Term Disability Coverage in Canada

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Many of us take advantage of our lifestyles, neglecting to realize that our jobs sustain everything we own and need around us. Once that job is lost, our lives can spiral out of control. Unfortunately, these circumstances affect many different people, especially when a serious illness or injury strikes. It can be an extremely difficult scenario, but, in Canada, long-term disability benefits exist to help people in times of hardship. Here are a few questions that will address any concerns or thoughts you might have about long-term disability:


What is long-term disability?


Long-term disability is in place to help employees if they are sick or injured for a long period of time. It is replacement income in times of need and is provided through your employer. However, when you need this coverage, you might find that you are unjustly denied the coverage that you deserve. It’s important to know your policy, but a long-term disability lawyer will make sure that you get the coverage that you deserve if you are unfairly denied insurance.


Is my disability covered? 


Again, it is important to know your insurance policy and the coverage that you are entitled to, because every policy is unique. In some policies, certain illnesses are not covered, and your policy might even exclude certain work-related injuries. Reading your benefits book and asking your employer any questions about your policy will ensure that you are aware of the coverage you are eligible to receive. 


What is “total disability”?


Unfortunately, there is no concrete definition of “total disability,” and the term varies from policy to policy. The Supreme Court of Canada defines “total disability” as:


"when the circumstances are such that a reasonable man would recognize that he should not engage in certain activity even though he literally is not physically unable to do so. In other words, total disability does not mean absolute physical inability to transact any kind of business pertaining to one's occupation, but rather that there is a total disability if the insured's injuries are such that common care and prudence require him to desist from his business or occupation in order to effectuate a cure; hence, if the condition of the insured is such that in order to effect a cure or prolongation of life, common care and prudence will require that he cease work, he is totally disabled within the meaning of health or accident insurance policies.”


This is the Supreme Court of Canada’s definition, but it is still advised that you read up on your own insurance policy, as different policies have different definitions.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


A Toronto personal injury lawyer or long-term disability lawyer will help you with your case if you are unfairly denied coverage for a long-term disability. A lawyer will ensure that you receive the coverage that you deserve for your injury or illness. Book a free consultation at Sokoloff, and we can answer any questions you might have pertaining to your case, policy coverage, or the law today.