Looking at How Music Affects Drivers Negatively

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You’re in your car out for a drive by your lonesome when your favourite Justin Bieber song begins blaring from the radio. “I’m sorry! Whoaa whoa. I’m sorry!” You begin to sing, dance, and even take your hands off of the wheel a few times. You continue playing with the radio volume control to make sure that the bass is heard by every driver around you. You’re a proud “Belieber” and you want everyone to know it. While you’re singing the lyrics to every word, drivers around you become irritated. Now you’re stopping more abruptly at stop signs, taking too long to turn, and stalling at traffic lights. At the next light you’re too engaged in the song to realize that the light has turned red and you rush through the light, causing an accident to occur because of the distraction. And now, it's too late to say sorry. A lawyer for the car accident is needed to pick up the pieces, and lives are left altered because of your distracted driving.


Distracted driving is usually seen as being related to texting while driving, eating, applying makeup, or talking on the phone. Music is never brought up as an issue, but music is actually a huge distraction in the car and can cause serious car accidents.


How Music Affects You in the Car


Prof. Warren Brodsky states, after a study was conducted, that music is correlated to car accidents, because music affects behaviour. Brodsky noted that music that inspires extremely happy or extremely sad emotions should be avoided. The professor even noted that technology in the future should keep these facts in mind and develop sensors to change the music if the driver receives an intense emotional reaction.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


It’s easy to find a lawyer for a car accident, but it’s about finding a lawyer that will fight for the compensation you deserve. A car accident caused by music and distracted driving deserves attention, and we’ll ensure that you receive attention and care through every step of your case. Book an appointment with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.