Looking at the Average Claim for a Car Accident in Canada

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You’re about to pick up a delicious sandwich from that Italian deli down the street, with a name that sounds like “Mozo-elli”—though you’ve butchered it a few times before. You’re coming home from work, and your senses are burnt out from the buzzing lights and whistles of the computer that drives you to insanity every morning. All of a sudden, a car races a red light and barrels into the back of your old Nissan Altima. You feel your head violently shake as your car spins out of control on the intersection. After receiving medical attention, you realize that you’ve suffered a neck and spinal injury in the crash. Your car is all bent out of shape and you’re stressing about the setback that occurred while on your way to pick-up an Italian sandwich. But while the accident was not in your control, the aftermath is. It is time to look at the average claim for a car accident in Toronto, and ask for the help you need in the aftermath of an accident from a Toronto personal injury lawyer.


What is the Average Claim for a Car Accident?


It is important to know what the average claim for a car accident is so that you are aware of the benefits you are eligible to receive when involved in a serious car accident yourself. It all depends on the damage done. Did you sustain a serious injury in the crash? How serious and debilitating was your injury? Was your property damaged in the accident? Is the damage repairable? These are some of the questions that will be asked when looking at the compensation you are eligible to receive after the car accident occurs.


Here is the range of average claims for a car accident:


  • High Medical Costs for Permanently Debilitating Diseases -- $500,000
  • Aggravating Circumstances (e.g. Drinking and Driving) -- $250,000 -- $300,000
  • Wage Compensation -- $50,000 -- $315,000
  • Major Head Injury -- $50,000 -- $100,000
  • Psychological Compensation -- $20,000 -- $50,000
  • Recoverable Injuries -- $5,000 -- $20,000
  • Pain and Suffering -- $10,000 -- $30,000


These are the average claims to look at after being involved in a serious accident. Toronto personal injury lawyers will ensure that you receive the financial compensation that you deserve, as they know the range that you are eligible to receive.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


It is difficult to tell you exactly what the average claim for a car accident is in Toronto, as it is entirely dependent on your case. This is why it is best to hire a Toronto personal injury lawyer, as they will be able to get to know you and your case, letting you know what you are eligible to receive in terms of compensation. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today.