Needing a Lawyer for a Car Accident on the Highway

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It makes sense that a road with a large amount of traffic is more likely to have an increased rate of accidents on it. As an example, one stretch of Ontario’s 401 highway encountered 177 crashes in the space of one year. What happens when you get into a car accident on a busy roadway? Besides calling a lawyer with car accident expertise, something a law firm like Sokoloff specializes in, there are other things you should be mindful of when you leave your car on a busy roadway.


Exercise Patience


After getting into an accident, you might be feeling stressed out or nervous. It is important that before you get out of your car, you take your time. Take some deep, calming breaths, and make sure that you only get out of your car when it is safe. Stop your car, take your time, and keep calm.


Ensure Visibility


Your first reaction upon stopping your vehicle should be to turn on your four-way lights. This indicates to other drivers that your car is in an emergency situation, and that you intend on remaining stopped. Make sure that you are visible to other cars, or else they may not pay attention to your vehicle and crash into it.


Maintain a Safe Distance


If you plan on leaving your car to discuss an accident with another person, or to make way for emergency personnel, do not stand directly near your vehicle. The last thing you want is for an additional car to get involved in the accident, and to put your life in danger. If you’re going to leave your car, maintain a safe distance from the accident site — consider the worst, and stay safe.


Contact a Lawyer for a Car Accident


Contacting a Toronto personal injury lawyer immediately after a car accident is an essential part of ensuring that you are compensated for any injuries you might endure after an accident. Figure out your options by booking a free consultation with the legal team at Sokoloff today.