Needing a Serious Injury Lawyer as a Pedestrian

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Staying safe on the streets is all about remaining vigilant, whether you’re driving a car or hitting the pavement. In 2013 alone, 300 pedestrian fatalities were recorded in Canada. The fact of the matter is that with renewed attention to the rules of the road, for both drivers and pedestrians, this number would be far less intimidating. A serious injury lawyer is available to help you if you have been hurt, but there are steps to ensure pedestrian safety in general that are important.


What does it mean to stay safe as a pedestrian?

While it might be difficult to avoid a car careening towards you on the sidewalk, there are steps you can take to maintain awareness when walking through areas which could be susceptible to incidents (busy intersections, poor weather conditions, etc.). If you do become injured while walking to work, school, or home, there are also options for a Toronto personal injury lawyer to ensure you remain compensated for any injuries you might sustain. A serious injury lawyer can make your life a lot easier, especially when you encounter life-changing injuries.

Here are some tips to keep you safe if you make your daily commute on your feet:


Looking Both Ways


You might have heard this advice once or twice in your lifetime, but many people forget this tried and true tidbit of knowledge when crossing the street. It is important to look both ways, even on a one-way street, to assess potential threats and cross safely.


Remain Seen


Ensuring that other vehicles know that you exist is one of the key things you must do as a pedestrian. Getting into a game of chicken with a hunk of metal outweighing you by a substantial margin is not typically a good idea, so if you think a vehicle doesn’t know you exist, don’t get in its way. It is better to be safe than competitive.


Use The Sidewalk


In a city filled with construction zones, sometimes a sidewalk might be out of commission. When your helpful stretch of pedestrian-friendly roadway has been converted into a hideout for construction workers, make sure that you walk on the street facing opposing traffic. You will want to maintain visibility at all times, so walking in the face of traffic will ensure that you can react to any drivers acting erratically in your way.


Walking the streets should not be the same as participating in an obstacle course, but it does come with a certain set of responsibilities. These tips will help you from getting into an accident, but if you do find yourself injured as a pedestrian, make sure to contact Sokoloff and book your consultation with a serious injury lawyer today.